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File: Harven's Durability and Charges07/08/14
Hey Sarion, what specific things y...
Posted By: Sarion
Hey Sarion, what specific things you would like to disable/enable? Durability bar - disable Small new section - enable
File: craftingXP07/08/14
Posted By: Sarion
Hello. Consistent with the latest API version from Veteran Crypt of Hearts patch, version ID 100007. Upgraded Add-On to v1.4: http://speedy.sh/jbchd/craftingXP.rar Yours.
File: Harven's Durability and Charges07/07/14
Add-On Options.
Posted By: Sarion
You can add options to enable and disable?
File: CurvyHud06/05/14
Posted By: Sarion
I have this error: 2014-06-05T21:51:53.926+01:00 |cff0000Lua Error: user:/AddOns/CurvyHud/Menu.lua:540: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/CurvyHud/Menu.lua:540: in function 'setFunc' user:/AddOns/CurvyHud/Lib/LibAddonMenu-1.0/LibAddonMenu-1.0.lua:134: in function '(anonymous)'|r :( And: 2014-0...