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File: ElderScrollsOfAlts07/10/19
what is the variable for alliance rank?
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, can't seem to find what the variable for alliance rank is to set up a custom view, any help greatly appreciated.
File: ElderScrollsOfAlts06/06/19
Zip file says 1.00.13 but contents are 1.00.12
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Would you please re-release the latest 1.00.13 package for the contents are from the previous 1.00.12 version. Thank You
File: Bandits User Interface05/09/19
Group member's DPS not showing
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Given it my best, annoyed several guildies with group, attack stuff, had them stop, changed settings, reloadui, regroup, and repeat. I removed all my addons except this and combat metrics, just to be sure of no conflicts What settings must be toggled (base game as well as this add on) in order for group members DPS to be showin...
File: Target Lookup (Unofficial Elsweyr update)05/08/19
would you please release Version: 0.4.6
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
would you please release Version: 0.4.6 Both this site and Minion only have version 0.4.4 Thank You ## Title: TargetLookup ## Author: mra4nii ## Version: 0.4.4 ## Description: Adds alliance and class icon to health bar sides ## APIVersion: 100011
File: Item Condition Alert05/08/19
Would you please release version 1.5.10
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Would you please release version 1.5.10 Both this site and Minion only have version 1.5.9 Thank you
File: ESO Master Recipe List Alt Format05/08/19
would you please release version 1.1.8
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Would you please release Version: 1.1.8 Both Minion and this site only have version 1.1.7 Thank You Currently the file downloaded is: file name is: MasterRecipeListAltFormat-1.1.7 Both the downloaded file and the Minion file has the following Info in the file MasterRecipeListAltFormat.txt ## Version: 1.1.7 ## APIV...
File: DailyAutoshare05/03/19
version on site is 3.61 NOT 3.7
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, i checked just now with minion and the file it loads is: ## Title: DailyAutoShare ## Author: manavortex ## Version: 3.61 ## APIVersion: 100025 ## Which is exactly the same as the file downloaded from this site. Where is version 3.7
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter04/24/19
About pricing
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Not sure where this add-on is getting price information, since i'm not in a trade guild, I am using Tamriel Trade Centre. Are there any plans for an enchant module? Thank You in advance.
File: Medic - UI Fixes03/13/19
What seperate libraries need to be installed
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy and Thank You, According to your change log notes... version 1.13 - Updated for latest API - Removed old fixes (see description) - Added fix for GetCraftingSkillLineIndices error - Removed embedded libraries (make sure to install LibStub and LAM!) Would you be kind enough to add a link to those in the main page. I fo...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter03/11/19
still getting error after updating...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
still getting error after updating to 2.5.17 (i don't use minion to do the update, i do it manually from addon folder) user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/Smithing.lua:284: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/Smithing.lua:284: in function 'craftNextQueueItem' |caaaaaa
File: SpentSkillPoints03/11/19
Fixed version: https://ufile.io/ems...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Fixed version: https://ufile.io/ems1h I can confirm that the ufil.io version works fine, thanks! After I upgraded to the ESOUI hosted 1.17 version, I got pop up errors when the game started and when I went into my skills, there was nothing listed! So I came to the forum and found this nice fixed version. Thanks a million for...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated02/25/19
with update 21
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, i was having an issue with this and i found that by manually placing the libCommonInventoryFilters:Library in the addons folder, this addon functionality was restored. I dont know enough about lua coding to make suggestions, i am only sharing my solution with yall. and ty for this add on
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter02/25/19
about update 21 patch
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, i use lazy writ crafter and writworty, but i was receiving the error for library missing. What I found for my solution was to manually add the LibLazyCrafting to my addon folder. As i do not know the quirks of lua coding, i won't guess as to why it did not work or why my solution worked, I just wanting yall to know what i fo...
File: Harven's Improved Skills Window02/25/19
TY, Ty, and ty ...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Thank You so very much for posting this information!
File: ElderScrollsOfAlts12/31/18
Howdy, It's working very nicely fo...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, It's working very nicely for me now, and this is what I did. Firstly, Awesome tool! Secondly, I never mess with minion, it hurt me once, I do all add-ons manually only with launcher and game NOT running! (I back up live folder first, then add or update add-ons as needed) Thirdly, I cycled through all the characters(log in,...
File: Advanced Filters05/24/17
does not protect glyphs
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Recently switched to this add-on from Circonians FilterIt (not compatible with morrowind --RIP), and i found out the hard way that the filter on unique to prevent deconstruction does not apply to glyphs, at least the good news is i only lost and epic cp160 glyph. Not really happy right now...
File: No, thank you!05/22/17
Re: Game Patch 3.0.5
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Please update if possible, I miss the functionality.
File: Circonians FilterIt05/22/17
Rest in Pease, my most favorite add-on
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
The ease and simplicity of using this add-on has survived up until now with Morrowind, i will miss it. I've alread looked at others, but, they pale. Thank you for having created this, all good things must end... addendum--the other one(s) to save/protect items from deconstruction don't work, painfully discovered with a bunch of...
File: Lui Extended06/07/16
I don't think something is properly...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
I don't think something is properly linked to download version 4.25 this is the version that downloads: ## Version: 4.20 PS, the NEW advertisements on this ESOUI site makes the lag in cyrodiil seem non-existent. I may need to swtich to a different service for my add-ons....
File: Circonians FilterIt06/07/16
OK, sad day forsooth! I have got...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
OK, sad day forsooth! I have gotten tired of the ui errors, so it's time to find a replacement. I really don't want to find something else as I swear by this add-on as opposed to swearing at it. Oh well. good luck all and thanks for your support
File: Slightly Improved Experience Bar (Fixed veteran display)06/01/16
Please update
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
For me, this is a great add-on,,, Less is more, and very much more useful. thank you.
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper03/08/16
Please update for Thieves Guild DLC Changes
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, when one of you all have a chance, would you please update for the changes with the Thieves Guild DLC? Still my favorite provisioning tool... Thanks in advance.
File: CritPercent03/07/16
howdy, having an error occurring wi...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, having an error occurring with the latest patch. Also using Harven's Trait and Style version 2.2 (just, updated 5 minutes before my posting this which makes it behave with todays patch). CritPercent by Garkin, Ayantir version 0.6 (note outdated) is enabled i get the error below. I am getting the error Checking type...
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
Sharing information for the sake of...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Sharing information for the sake of it. When CritPercent by Garkin, Ayantir version 0.6 (note outdated) is enabled i get the error below, when I disable it, everything is happy. Will also post on their comment section. As always, thank you so very much. I am getting the error Checking type on argument linkStyle failed in...
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
You Sir, are awesome!
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
OMG!!! you're awesome!