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File: Iakoni's Skill Changer04/07/18
I could hug you for this add-on!!!:...
Posted By: pepperpep
I could hug you for this add-on!!!:banana::banana:
File: SWAPS Continued04/07/18
You did a great job. This addon is...
Posted By: pepperpep
You did a great job. This addon is absolutely the best one to swap quickly the siklls; I'm so sad you quit it :(
File: HarvestMap03/27/18
Posted By: pepperpep
I'm your biggest fan:D This is one of greatest add-ons, I dont want to miss it ever! With this 3d pins, its mega cool:banana: Big big thx for it <3 <3
File: Advanced Filters03/24/18
This is one of the best add-ons at...
Posted By: pepperpep
This is one of the best add-ons at all!! Big thx for it:) I really really hope, there will be an update, I absolutely can't go without it.
File: Circonians BuffTracker04/12/16
hidden buffs
Posted By: pepperpep
I have a question.. How to make hidden buffs visible again?
File: BuffTimers02/05/16
Posted By: pepperpep
awesome add-on!!!!! i just love it, its one of the best! plz, can you make 2 or 3 buffs more at once visible, in a row?
File: ggFrames05/31/15
update soon?
Posted By: pepperpep
first..this is one of the best add ons:) but, since 1.6.5 there are some issues:( so I really really hope an update is coming soon.
File: Healers Group Frame05/30/15
font/style change
Posted By: pepperpep
great add on, thx for it:banana: but...how to change the font or style? if its not possible yet, it would be great to get those options.