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File: Harven's Thieves Troves Marker06/24/16
Addon Settings
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
Hey, thanks for this useful addon. Is there any chance you can move the existing addon settings from Settings > Add-ons to Settings > Addon Settings in the game menu? Like any other addon around?
File: Slightly Improvedô Attribute Bars06/24/16
Horizontal Space Slider
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
Yes it used to have the horizontal space slider but it was removed in the last version. Care to elaborate a use case for that feature? Also what do you mean by "actual values"? Like current/total? Anyway thanks for the feedback! I would love that feature back. In fact it was the only reason why I was using this addon, to put Magic...
File: DressingRoom06/23/15
Thank you
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
Awesome, amazing Alpha Tools are coming back with even better features. Thanks for reviving one of best addons.
File: Emote Shortcuts04/18/15
Wrongly packed addon
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
I think the ZIP file with addon is wrongly prepared. The addon files should be in a folder and the folder should be packed. Due to this issue Minion is not able to properly install it. If you install it manually, you have to create the folder manually to let it work.
File: XAutoRepair08/11/14
Thanks a lot thifi for sharing the...
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
Thanks a lot thifi for sharing the fix.
File: SkyShards06/13/14
Landmarks for
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
Hi Garkin, can you consider to extend your plugin to point to specific locations on each map where you can complete Lightbringer / Crime Pays / Give to the Poor achievements? There are 1-3 predefined places at each map, I am currently working on collecting these locations from various sources and my own experience in the game. There...
File: DynamicConfig05/11/14
There is still the unanswered quest...
Posted By: Lex Prometheus
There is still the unanswered question why this addon is not visible through Minion. Is it intentionally?