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File: Combat Metrics04/07/21
Yes, that is normal. The effective...
Posted By: shira
Yes, that is normal. The effective values are damage weighted. So if you don't do or physical damage, the stamina categories are 0. I could of course simply show the maximum value, but this solution was easier. Makes sense, i assume the same applies to the red panel and taking damage/actually healing. I think i still saw the red e...
File: Combat Metrics03/30/21
I think something goes wrong somewh...
Posted By: shira
I think something goes wrong somewhere with the units. So a screenshot of the full panel would be more useful. Its noticeable that all of the fights shown earlier have "unknown" in their title, which happens if the main unit is not detected. I will start to look there. https://imgur.com/a/gHzZVjM interestingly it seems that the...
File: Action Duration Reminder03/29/21
Re: Re: Huge lags from Action Duration Reminder addon
Posted By: shira
So I recently started playing an aoe build on my warden with Azureblight Reaper set. I noticed huge lags after I went from 4 piece bonus to 5 piece on the set and I thought it's just bad coding of ESO, but then I thought to myself, "let's check without addons to make sure" and the issue was gone. At first I suspected LUI's debuff...
File: Combat Metrics03/29/21
Not getting much effective penetrat...
Posted By: shira
Not getting much effective penetration showing and max is a bit wonky since I know using Pierce Armor should be higher than what the max displays. Need more Info, Screenshot of full window with debuff panel showing Minor / Major Breach and mouseover of overpen. Using Sharpened Maul. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/5...
File: ravSpeed (updated)03/28/21
Re: getting weird UPS values
Posted By: shira
Hi, thanks for reviving this addon! I used it in the past and it worked great, but now, both the discontinued version and this updated version give me funny UPS values. I think I'm getting 300 as base speed (in the Daggerfall Overlook house). That's running (not sprinting) and all CP passives unequipped, no gear on, no passive ski...
File: ravSpeed (updated)03/18/21
Re: Refresh rate
Posted By: shira
I recommend tuning the refresh rate of the speed values down a bit. Done :) unfortunately, as the addon uses the player position to calculate the speed, using higher values for update refresh can lead to inconsistencies. eg 200ms is enough to get lower than your actual speed if you're just moving back and forth over a few meter...
File: Show Global Cooldown03/11/21
if someone is still using this addo...
Posted By: shira
if someone is still using this addon, the last update (6.3.5) broke it. To fix it, simply replace self:SetCooldownIconAnchors(showCooldown) with self:SetShowCooldown(showCooldown) line 211 :)
File: Action Duration Reminder12/19/20
Re: Re: Re: Re: For some reason acceleration gets buggy
Posted By: shira
You can upgrade to 3.6.4a to get back expedition timer of self buff. it works! thanks a lot :)
File: Action Duration Reminder12/11/20
Re: Re: For some reason acceleration gets buggy
Posted By: shira
Hello since the new patch came (markarth) whenever im in a fight acceleration gets buggy and the timer is resetting itself. https://youtu.be/p5Tp8MUloac?t=137 here is an example Thx a lot. I think this bug has just been fixed in 3.6.4. Please test. i didnt look into the changes but im guessing this is related to it: with this n...