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File: SlowDialogs05/25/17
gamepad woes
Posted By: paxim1755
Hey Shinni, first off thanks so much for this, its awesome and makes a huge diff to my enjoyment of the game, i wonder if you or someone else who sees this might be able to do one better, i use this together with "ak0`s no written dialog" mod so that i only see the responses and not the dialog itself, it works perfectly when u...
File: Ak0's No Written Dialogue05/24/17
gamepad support???
Posted By: paxim1755
I love this addon!! its a dream come true, its going to be even better when i can use it with my controller :) Ive tried using Daeymon's code, not sure if ive made a mess of it or what, but cant seem to get it working :( anyone have any ideas ?? thanks in advance for anyone that can help