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File: Auto-Tabard11/11/18
Re: Re: Re: just a heads-up
Posted By: aldericon
.... Keep me updated if you find anything else! May I have... got this error when joining a guildparty in Cyrodil user:/AddOns/AutoTabard/AutoTabard.lua:214: operator .. is not supported for string .. nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AutoTabard/AutoTabard.lua:214: in function 'AutoTabard.equipTabard' guildId = 1, un...
File: Advanced Group Roster11/05/18
Re: UserID Bug
Posted By: aldericon
Great addon. Am running into a bug where if I activate AGR my group list has UserIDs in place of Character Names. If I activate the "Show UserID next to Character name" option, I have two lists, both with UserIDs and still no Character names. Anyone else getting this bug?Glad you like the addon! I just pushed out a fix that shoul...
File: CyrHUD10/23/18
ERROR (CyrHUD): Bad icon lookup: 8...
Posted By: aldericon
ERROR (CyrHUD): Bad icon lookup: 8 & ERROR (CyrHUD): Bad icon lookup: 9 Have been common in my chat today while in Cyrodiil (Ebonheart Pact).These errors are coming from the new bridges and milegates that have been added to the map. I hope to get an update out for Murkmire sometime tonight or tomorrow.
File: Auto-Tabard10/20/18
Re: just a heads-up
Posted By: aldericon
found out that if you for instance only have registered tabard for guild #2 and #4 and then leave #1, the guilds shift up, but not the information about which members to look for, so you could end up with addon looking for members in a guild they're not part of :eek:Thanks for notifying me; I went ahead and fixed the bug today in the...
File: CyrHUD09/20/18
I dont have the "No Thank you" addo...
Posted By: aldericon
I dont have the "No Thank you" addon or any redirection. I have this since pchat is installed. But in pchat is also no such option. Oh ok, then you have the option activated that pChat shows information "before login"! Normally the chat does not show text before the event_player_activated fires which is as your character was lo...
File: CyrHUD09/19/18
Re: disable messages in chat window
Posted By: aldericon
when I have pchat installed, i get a lot of messages from CyrHUD in the chat window. How can I disable those?CyrHUD doesn't post anything to the chat window. If you could upload a picture of what you're referring to, I might be able to shine a light on what is causing it.
File: Dustman06/30/18
Addon Posts UserID as Chat Message on Load
Posted By: aldericon
On line 154 of the DustmanMenu.lua file, there is: d(tostring(GetDisplayName())) That posts the user's UserID upon load. If that could be removed in the next update, that would be great (unless there is some hidden purpose to posting it). Please and Thank you.
File: Advanced Group Roster06/25/18
I just experienced it myself, and a...
Posted By: aldericon
I just experienced it myself, and another person (raid leader) experienced it multiple times: The auto-kick seems to be active even though Group invite options are disabled. Its set to 600s for me and that fits. Had a friend in group so I could reset a dungeon I farmed, and suddenly he got kicked (he was on another char though =...
File: Advanced Group Roster06/10/18
First of all i would like to thank...
Posted By: aldericon
First of all i would like to thank you for your great addon! I love it! I know its not its purpose but would you consider adding an auto group invite function to the addon? I know there are tons of addons with auto invite out there but i would love to use just one addon for all around grouping purposes instead of two or more. Just...
File: Advanced Group Roster06/06/18
Hey love the addon, can u also do s...
Posted By: aldericon
Hey love the addon, can u also do something with alliance icons so we can see alliance icons on group rosterSure, I've gone ahead and added it to the addon. :)
File: CyrHUD06/04/18
in txt file version still 2.1 mini...
Posted By: aldericon
in txt file version still 2.1 minion always confusing about it and trying to reinstallThanks for the message! I've gone ahead and updated the .txt file.
File: Advanced Group Roster06/03/18
Re: Roster export
Posted By: aldericon
When I export the roster, the notepad++ steps find no instances of that (^\s*\\s\=\s\")(.*)(\",$) string to replace and the dump line is empty, what am i missing?Make sure you've exited your game safely before opening the SavedVariables file. The games doesn't output to SavedVariables until you've exited the game.
File: CyrHUD05/06/18
Re: Re: RE: Campaign Score By Alliance
Posted By: aldericon
Hi there, May I ask if this is still be considered? My apologies, not trying to be nagging :)At the time, I hadn't looked closely at what the numbers at the top were doing and was mistakenly thinking they represented alliance population. Of course as soon as I looked more closely, I realized it was showing however many points e...
File: Heal Counter03/20/18
RE: Placement of 3rd Tracker
Posted By: aldericon
https://imgur.com/Iyv1Xju Hey is there any setting so i can place my 3rd Set tracker just below the other 2? ^^Yes, review the display options in the addon's settings. Two of them is for Set #3, moving them left/right and up/down. Change those settings to change where it is.
File: Heal Counter03/17/18
RE: 3 Set Options
Posted By: aldericon
Thanks for the Addon, as a main healer really appreciate it and helping out alot. For future updates it would be awesome if you could track 3 set effects since i'm using Earthgore/Transmutation/SPC most of the time and only have 2 options :)I've written it down to include the ability to use 3 sets and will try to get it into the next...
File: CyrHUD03/08/18
RE: Campaign Score By Alliance
Posted By: aldericon
Hi there! It would be possible to add a new feature to this addon? I would love, and I think it would be useful to have, to see the total score for a campaign somewhere. I was thinkng about having a new line added under the Next Tick one, it might look something like: ||| +50 ||| +48 ||| +55 2.k 3.8k 1.6k...
File: Heal Counter02/27/18
RE: Jhenox
Posted By: aldericon
Thank you for this addon. It's been helpful to me when playing as a healer. I just had a couple suggestions and requests though: Could some options be added for coloring the lines and/or using icons, please? I have some trouble seeing the white text in some cases and each line is white so they blend together with eachother. May...
File: Molag Kena Tracker02/11/18
Re: Thanks and question
Posted By: aldericon
Thanks for addon , its extremely useful , just 1 little thing - is it possible to switch off visual effect of lighting when its proc and leave only Molag Kena picture with this countdown of remaining time ? Because i play from 1st person view only and this lightning a little hurting my vision ) Is it possible ? Or this lighting on h...
File: Heal Counter01/27/18
RE: Purge Indicator Bug
Posted By: aldericon
Hey, i like this addon for my healer, nice work! Since a few weeks, I'm getting the following LUA-errors. They seem to cause no issue at least for me, as i only use the addon for checking on how many of my group have SPC or CPR active, but still you might wanna check on it. Thank you, NorfolkGlad you like the addon! I'll be...
File: Advanced Group Roster01/21/18
Re: No Crown in Roster
Posted By: aldericon
Not seeing the crown on the leader of the group in the roster when this add on is active. This is why I don't use it.I'll look into it this week and try to get a fix by next weekend. Thanks for telling me. :)
File: Advanced Group Roster12/09/17
RE: Housing Editor Error
Posted By: aldericon
The latest update seems to have caused a conflict with the Housing Editor when you open the browse menu (LUA error + prevented it from opening at all). Turning this addon off allowed me to open the browse menu in Housing Editor again.Thanks for reporting the error. I've (hopefully) figured out a way to have the roster changes work...
File: Advanced Group Roster11/30/17
RE: Baertram
Posted By: aldericon
So my first reaction is bouncing up and down in my seat saying 'Baertram uses my addon, Baertram uses my addon'. :D I just have seen so many of your addons and it's really awesome to see someone as esteemed as yourself requesting a feature.could you maybe add an edit field in the settings for the away messages, containing the standar...
File: Heal Counter11/30/17
Re: Rapids?
Posted By: aldericon
Which leads to the question: what is Rapids? I suppose it is an ability, but I cannot identify which, and if it is a morph of an ability, then I have probably morphed it to the other choice (heh). ..... TIARapids is what my guild calls it; I must be so used to the name that I forgot what the common ability is called. The full name is...
File: Advanced Group Roster11/12/17
RE: Color-Coded Same Location Bug
Posted By: aldericon
Hey so I don't unfortunately know how exactly it would be fixed, but I'd suggest taking a look at the group roster with zgoo, if you haven't already, and looking for either mouseOver or highlight.I figured it out; I hooked into the ZOS function that grabs the group roster's row colors and over-wrote it with whatever color you chose.
File: Advanced Group Roster11/10/17
Hey, thanks for adding the location...
Posted By: aldericon
Hey, thanks for adding the location feature! There's a bug though where if you mouse over the name, the location loses its colour.Thanks for mentioning this; I've added a note to the addon's description stating that this is currently occurring. I tried to figure out the problem but was unsuccessful in fixing it, so I let it go for...