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File: Quick Enchanter11/13/19
may bww conflict?
Posted By: mendisabal
its work ?
File: Bank Manager Revived - Slim Edition05/03/19
Posted By: mendisabal
hello , guild bank supported ?
File: Kill Counter04/03/19
Help me find plz
Posted By: mendisabal
This is a wonderful addon, but I found the "light" version other addon , he just formed a list of people you killed including id . I lost him and I do not remember his name , if someone uses please tell me :(
File: Quick Menu04/03/19
works great
Posted By: mendisabal
it's amazing and very convenient, but how to add a command / , or any other action which is not in the selection list ?
File: Ultimate Buff Tracker12/17/18
Posted By: mendisabal
I would like to have such a new addon ....
File: Inventory Grid View11/29/18
best addon in world)
Posted By: mendisabal
I was too proud to update user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/util.lua:90: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/util.lua:90: in function 'ReshapeSlot' user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/util.lua:193: in function 'util.ReshapeSlots' user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/adapter.lua:450: in function 'adap...
File: PenTest10/10/18
Ooh! Never tried OmniStats, I'll in...
Posted By: mendisabal
Ooh! Never tried OmniStats, I'll install that and see if it works for me, fingers crossed :) no , it not works :mad: I haven't come in for a long time , and this addon seems amazing to me , I asked another developer about a lot of this addon , please read http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1771-ImprovisedHealthbar.html#comment...
File: Emomento10/10/18
Posted By: mendisabal
would be nice support LovelyEmotes http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1890-LovelyEmotes.html
File: Cooldowns10/10/18
great work !
Posted By: mendisabal
add plz Scathing Mage ,Ravaging .... may bee ID + manual cooldown ?
File: Rulebased Inventory09/11/18
guild bank ?
Posted By: mendisabal
may bee must doo )))
File: CyroSiege09/08/18
add guild bamk plz)
Posted By: mendisabal
if you are working on an add-on please add support for the bank's guild, it will be very convenient and will help to save ap :banana:
File: Bank Manager Revived09/03/18
If anyone's interested, I've added...
Posted By: mendisabal
If anyone's interested, I've added Jewelry Crafting to my local copy. Seems fine so far. No guarantees. +1 beta test :o
File: Default Guild Bank09/03/18
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I was planning to leave the guilds so that my guild bank would be the first, it's a superb friend. i hawe error user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/Libs/LibAsync/LibAsync.lua:35: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfADataCollection.lua:109: table index is nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfADataCollection.lua:109: in function '(anonymous)' (tail ca...
File: Improvised Healthbar09/02/18
Don't take me the wrong way though....
Posted By: mendisabal
Don't take me the wrong way though. If you have an idea, I'll put it in the addon for you simple as that. A shield status indicator/bar sounds like a perfect idea! Any other status indicators you think should go into the bar?:) I was afraid of offending you with my harsh statements and very glad that this did not happen :o Сo...
File: Improvised Healthbar08/28/18
Posted By: mendisabal
thanks for your work friend , but I do not feel comfortable using it . for each target the number of ticks varies , ripples in the eyes and it's incomprehensible general health of target , to understand this you need to count ticks :mad: my humble wishes : 1. take a tick = 2k ,but doo bar more or less , depending on the total amou...
File: Inventory Grid View08/21/18
Posted By: mendisabal
conflicts with many add-ons, suffer, have long been accustomed to
File: TargetColor08/21/18
stamina and mana bar of target ?
Posted By: mendisabal
your addon shows stamina and mana of target ? in contrast to others that show only health ?
File: Bank Manager Revived08/18/18
guild bank
Posted By: mendisabal
does not work with my guild bank , but works fine with a personal bank . please help to fix this , or advise another working addon with similar functionality , gratitude in game gold :p
File: Inventory Grid View08/15/18
Posted By: mendisabal
sanks dorrino , its working ....:banana:
File: Inventory Grid View08/15/18
Posted By: mendisabal
plz update :confused:
File: No Dialog Background08/12/18
I'm already using Skylike Dialog, w...
Posted By: mendisabal
I'm already using Skylike Dialog, which is based on Shinni's Free Dialog Camera and has some more functions. :) free camera :eek::eek::eek: nice , I will also try, thanks a lot .
File: Combat Reticle08/12/18
Posted By: mendisabal
please add distance in meters .
File: Tamriel Trade Centre08/11/18
Re: Does TTC send
Posted By: mendisabal
I went hunting through a bunch of places for cheap recipes, and obviously scanned the store to find they were no longer present. and there is , many items buy faster addon updates :( You don't use BOTH the web client, and the executable, you use one or the other. To fix this you should: I'll try , although I understand you...
File: Free Dialog Camera (First and Third Person)08/11/18
Re: Update 17 / Dragon Bones Fix
Posted By: mendisabal
To fix the error when opening merchant windows that begins like this: EsoUI/Ingame/StoreWindow/Keyboard/StoreWindow_Keyboard.lua:390: function expected instead of nil ... change line 27 in FreeDialogCamera.lua from: ZO_ItemPreview_Shared.IsInteractionCameraPreviewEnabled = IsInPreviewMode ... to: ZO_ItemPreview_Shared....
File: LovelyEmotes08/11/18
impersonal addon
Posted By: mendisabal
how can I change my emotions "Welcome" to comand "/reloadui" , fo example :p