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File: GearSetsSort05/21/19
Re: Donating
Posted By: megawriter
Hi Ivan, I'm trying to donate for your work via the link you provided, since your addon is sooooo useful, simple and well done, but I can't, the value stays at 0,00 (not editable)... If you are M.M. - donation is recieved. tnx mate :)
File: GearSetsSort06/21/18
Re: Excellent, that's all I need
Posted By: megawriter
(my question further down) This is one of the most useful addon I'm using. Elegantly simple. Personally I don't need fancy grid-like sort of all sorts and searches : I need to sort by sets (and then some via the other configurable sort criteria), that's all, and see the names along the little vanilla icon beside them. Other addons of...
File: GearSetsSort05/09/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Name order within each set?
Posted By: megawriter
OK, i'm working on Settings panel in which you will be able to change order criteria (by 7 item attributes). You can do some experiments, lets hope you can find some better results for your needs :)
File: GearSetsSort05/09/17
Re: Re: Re: Name order within each set?
Posted By: megawriter
Thank You. That still leaves the Item Type order in the picture. It looks almost alphabetical-up (which is just a toggle in the vanilla inventory tab) but the Martial Knowledge items are not. Is it following a game code order? If it is your code only can I make a personal modification to change the order to my own? i will t...
File: GearSetsSort04/25/17
Re: Name order within each set?
Posted By: megawriter
Just asking before I try this out. The Picture you have does not have the sets in Alphabetical first word order within each set. How are items ordered within each set? Is it following anything at all? Set Name -> Item Type -> Quality -> Item Name -> Level -> CP Level -> Trait -> Enchant -> Style.
File: GearSetsSort04/14/17
Does this work with the base UI? Th...
Posted By: megawriter
Does this work with the base UI? The screenshot you have posted is with another inventory addon. Maybe have a screenshot that shows the inventory sorted without that. Point taken. I will update the screenshot as you suggested. :)
File: HarvestMap03/20/14
Posted By: megawriter
Nice addon, I was looking for something like this, but .. something that I'm looking for would be: add-on which has all data for skyshards and lorebooks, and a check box option to track only ones that i'm still missing :) rest of the functionality of this addon could stay as it is now.