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File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker05/27/18
Posted By: Nyladreas
user:/AddOns/Srendarr/Procs.lua:19: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/Srendarr/Procs.lua:19: in function 'Srendarr:ProcAnimationStart' user:/AddOns/Srendarr/Core.lua:323: in function 'Srendarr.OnActionSlotUpdated' user:/AddOns/Srendarr/Core.lua:97: in function 'Srendarr.OnInitialize' after todays patch...
File: HideLoginAnnouncement05/23/18
Posted By: Nyladreas
Simply. Amazing. Thank you!
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker05/23/18
I'm getting the following when I ac...
Posted By: Nyladreas
I'm getting the following when I accept a new quest. I have already applied the quickfix suggested by XAM for the other error and that worked fine. It sounds like you missed a line, line 244 should be saying: - EDIT Just replace the contents of your QuestTracker.lua with: https://pastebin.com/YR1APsBk (Documents\Elder Sc...
File: Info Panel05/22/18
Posted By: Nyladreas
Heyyy After updating to Summerset version, strangely, this addon works without any problems on my main character, however all my alts are missing it. It's just invisible. It's nowhere on the screen and the reset buttons do nothing. Any help? :( I love this addon so much i can't exist without it. Figured it out lol... I'm dumb a...
File: Lui Extended03/25/18
Would it be possible to add an opti...
Posted By: Nyladreas
Would it be possible to add an option to change the colour of target UNIT frames for guards/neutral/friendly/hostile NPCs? Just to better avoid them while sneaking around with a bounty? For example: AUI makes them Dark Grey/Yellow/Green/Red. Should be easy enough, I'll add this to the list of stuff to do. JUST CAME BACK T...
File: CraftStore Murkmire03/25/18
Posted By: Nyladreas
Is there anyway to hide the icon while in menus while keeping it ingame? ://
File: Bandits User Interface03/25/18
Posted By: Nyladreas
Heyyyy, would it be possible to create a standalone addon for the reticle info? Really liking that feature, however not as much all the others because I'm already way way way too much used to other addons. I think all the other things are great too but not for someone like me. Would really appreciate it if there was a standalone....
File: Lui Extended01/11/18
Guard Unit Frames.
Posted By: Nyladreas
Hey there! Really good job on the addon. I'm loving it and It has completely replaced everything else I was using as this one does it better :) I have all but one very simple request however and it would be very very very appreciated. Would it be possible to add an option to change the colour of target UNIT frames for guards/ne...