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File: AUI - Advanced UI08/13/18
Re: I know this is dead but
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Hitting q in inventory results in self = tbl, oldState = "hidden" |r (...) buttonOrEtherealDescriptor = tbl, keybindButtonDescriptor = tbl |r (tail call): ? (tail call): ? I confirm, since the latest update of TESO.
File: Combat Metrics08/13/18
Hello, thanks for your continuous c...
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Hello, thanks for your continuous contributions to the community once again. I've been using your addons for years. The other day I got an idea I was wondering if it's feasible or possible at all to add for future versions of Combat Metrics. The idea was a DPS timeline. Something that allows us to see our DPS between two points...
File: Guild Store Search Extended Continued07/09/18
Re: I can't help anymore, sorry.
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You've made a good decision. As if Bethesda itself was an Angel... Sucking up people's wallets with their games like 10+ dollars for a sprite, 100$+ for a small zone consisting of a virtual (and not of the best resolutions / functionalities) household, etc.. More over, they DO gambling with real currency via their treasure chests : c...
File: Notebook 201807/09/18
Does it work ?
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1st time use : - bound with the F1 key : check - create a new page : check - edit to write something : X (no cursor appear under the title) There's no visible "Edit mode" button whatsoever, it seems to be designed in such a way that it is automatic when you hover or click on the page, but it doesn't work right away. I don't know...
File: LovelyEmotes07/09/18
Very good
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Superb addon! Everytime I typed an emote it became out of context (took too many clicks/key typing) except for dancing... Since an emote HAS to be faster than "saying" whatever, as in real life, this addon is a must, thanks! One suggestion: the ability to chain emotes (sequences) into configurable groups, so that we could select s...
File: AUI - Advanced UI06/02/18
Re: Re: Fix for AUI
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Hey there everyone. @breath77 made a fix for AUI!!!!! http://www.esoui.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=2022#info I've made a new fix today to avoid rollback from minion. http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info2022-AUIfixforQuestTrackerMinionrollback.html @breath77 Thank you very much sir, thumbs up in the kudos !
File: Sun Tzu - Boss Strats and dungeons help03/14/18
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Wouldn't this addon be considered as a cheat ?
File: GearSetsSort02/28/18
Excellent, that's all I need
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(my question further down) This is one of the most useful addon I'm using. Elegantly simple. Personally I don't need fancy grid-like sort of all sorts and searches : I need to sort by sets (and then some via the other configurable sort criteria), that's all, and see the names along the little vanilla icon beside them. Other addons of...