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File: Refinement Tracker09/17/18
resetting the statistics to 0
Posted By: Kuniyosh
Can the results be reset so I can track how much I am getting from different sessions. I save my mats and am a stat nerd. Want to know how many I am getting for a 2k stack and then want to reset it before I start another 2k stack.... makes sense?
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin07/17/18
Re: Map Pins compatibility?
Posted By: Kuniyosh
Hey. Using this with the Map Pins addon, to track lore books, and it isn't removing books from the minimap even when they go away from the main map. Even toggling them off then on again doesn't cause it to clear up. I also tuned down the pin update delay to the minimum, and it still was stuck there. Have not yet verified what c...
File: Urich's Skill Point Finder07/03/18
Dungeon stutter
Posted By: Kuniyosh
I was getting awful stutter in dungeons until i turned off USPF. Don't know whats going on but really bad stutter, my fps never dipped so figured must be an addon and USPF was the culprit. Please note that I haven't come here cock in hand saying I just turned off your addon and everything was fine. I have also disabled ALL my addo...
File: Advanced Filters06/26/18
Recieved this error which causes my...
Posted By: Kuniyosh
Recieved this error which causes my whole UI to disapear. EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:1445: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:1445: in function 'ZO_InventoryManager:UpdateList' EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:1846: in function 'ZO_InventoryManager:RefreshAllQuests...
File: Assist Rapid Riding (Fixed)06/26/18
Switching back to wrong skill
Posted By: Kuniyosh
I mount and use rapid riding and will somethimes get stuck on rapid riding and not switch back. Now I have a new problem. If I select manual use or auto switch it will switch back to Harness magika... does it every time. no error massage.
File: Daily Alchemy06/20/18
wehn using alchemy station this err...
Posted By: Kuniyosh
wehn using alchemy station this error occurs... user:/AddOns/DailyAlchemy/Advisor.lua:372: operator .. is not supported for nil .. string stack traceback: user:/AddOns/DailyAlchemy/Advisor.lua:372: in function 'DailyAlchemy:Advice' user:/AddOns/DailyAlchemy/DailyAlchemy.lua:373: in function 'DailyAlchemy:Crafting' user:/Add...
File: Bandits User Interface06/07/18
Re: Re: Swap bar possition
Posted By: Kuniyosh
I will add that having a timer added for ground effects like endless hail or razor caltrops would be nice. I want to make a custom widget for this but doesnt come as a buff. Any way I can do this. I want the Hail to be seperate from ability timers so that I can keep a better eye on things. Its the link for my rotation. Everything...
File: Bandits User Interface06/06/18
Swap bar possition
Posted By: Kuniyosh
Hi. first off.... LOVE THIS ADDON. Its really is perfect. A one stop shop for everything you need. I will add that having a timer added for ground effects like endless hail or razor caltrops would be nice. 2nd I would like to move the swap bar a little so I can see it better. Been a long time since I tried messing with an addon an...