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File: LibHarvensAddonsSettings06/02/20
Re: Re: Re: Duplicate name?
Posted By: Helldir
Okay, played around and for me it was this addon: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info339-HarvensSubtitles.html Thanks. Disabling Harven's Subtitles also did it for me. Hope he opdates it soon.
File: Bandits User Interface03/13/20
Is there any way to set the quick s...
Posted By: Helldir
Is there any way to set the quick slots to have 4 slots, but without grouping them? Just like it does appear in the Addon info. page. No. Read tooltip. Oh. Then may I sugest that as a feature for a not so distant future? Maybe a check mark that allows you to use even numbered slots without grouping then? Other than that, I'm l...
File: SpentSkillPoints03/04/20
Can't See Total Spent Skill Points Anymore
Posted By: Helldir
For some reason I can no longer see the total amount of spent skill points in the top left corner of the Skills window. Any fix for this? Thanks in advance :)
File: Permanent Experience Bar03/03/20
Not so Permanent
Posted By: Helldir
I admit I don't feel like registering at github just to report a bug on one add-on. Anyway, the permanent experience bar is not so permanent at the moment. After it has been enabled it does stay there, but only until you reload the UI or log in; after having logged off of course. I hope you can fix this soon :) Cheers,
File: Bandits User Interface03/01/20
Incorrect Undaunted Daily (Urgarlag)
Posted By: Helldir
In the Specific Dungeon list this add-on marks the daily undated quests. This needs to be updated to Harrowstorm as Urgarlag's Undaunted quests are wrong; it marks yesterday's daily. Thank you in advance and keep up the great work. Love this add-on :)
File: Urich's Hireling Timer03/01/20
Since the latest patch, this addon...
Posted By: Helldir
Since the latest patch, this addon no longer seems to track hireling mails. I have several alts with at least 1 hireling, but even after 'doing the round' all fields were still blank for all alts. Tried relogging, exiting game, uninstall (and wipe SavVar) and clean install of addon, but they didn't work. I also don't use any othe...
File: Champion Point Respec09/27/18
Version 2.2.0 (9/25/2018) * Added...
Posted By: Helldir
Version 2.2.0 (9/25/2018) * Added the ability to overwrite saved configurations Excellent. Can't wait to test it. Thank you so much :)
File: Champion Point Respec09/07/18
I think having it overwrite the pre...
Posted By: Helldir
I think having it overwrite the previous save is a pretty good idea. I'll look into getting this done. Looking forward to seeing it implemented. Keep up the good work, mate :)
File: Champion Point Respec09/07/18
With regards to the 3k confirmation...
Posted By: Helldir
With regards to the 3k confirmation, I added this because of the numerous complaints I got about not having it. To remedy this, in the next update I will add a setting that will allow you to turn off the warning and hopefully this will be a good compromise. Also I'll look into having the mouse come up again. Is this what you call th...
File: Circonians Addon Selector08/24/18
Thx guys. Love this add on :)
Posted By: Helldir
Thx guys. Love this add on :)
File: Clock - Tamriel Standard Time - Legacy08/22/18
Re: Re: Re: Update 3.1
Posted By: Helldir
Please do API bump and LAM update to remove the annoying "out of date" status! Thanks :) Sure thing. Warning should be gone now. Cheers It would be nice if this was done again if possible? Thanks in advance. :) Just: 1: go to ..\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\Clock 2: Open the file "Clock.txt". 3: Sear...
File: AUI Advanced UI FIX 4.008/20/18
Thank you so much, PhnxZ and Skylin...
Posted By: Helldir
Thank you so much, PhnxZ and Skylin3r, for these fixes :)
File: AUI - Advanced UI06/07/18
Solution was found. And what was y...
Posted By: Helldir
Solution was found. And what was your solution then? EDIT: Ah, the fix was AUI fix for Quest Tracker & Minion rollback
File: AI Research Grid08/13/16
Deleting Characters from the List
Posted By: Helldir
Is there a way to clear out the characters that no longer exist from the list "Relative to"?
File: CraftStore08/13/16
Alarm for Research/Mount/Timer
Posted By: Helldir
I love this alarm, however, the alarm sound is killing me. Is there anyway to switch this alarm sound off and only get the visual display?
File: CraftStore07/26/16
If you look about 5 posts down, I...
Posted By: Helldir
If you look about 5 posts down, I was having problems. It is fixed. If you download the following two files using Minion, it should solve your problems: Craftstore Hotfix2 Runecraft minor Update Hope this helps. Thank you so much :)
File: CraftStore07/06/16
Re: Update for DB
Posted By: Helldir
Any chance to have update for Dark Brotherhood soon? With regards, rainmaverick I would also like to see this ;) Cheers,
File: CraftStore06/12/16
Crafting Bag Incompatability
Posted By: Helldir
Love this add-on. However, it does not register my enchanting materials in my crafting bag.
File: Combat Cloud (Discontinued)06/04/16
Is this add-on no longer maintained...
Posted By: Helldir
Is this add-on no longer maintained by the authers?
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker (Outdated)08/22/14
1.3.3 Update
Posted By: Helldir
Can we expect to se an update for ESO version 1.3.3 any time soon?