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File: Votan's Minimap05/27/20
Re: Re: Re: Re: LUA Error once per second or so
Posted By: BigMons
Don't know why, but pressing E does not work for me. E does not work for me either, but G does. I think it's whatever key you have mapped to "interact/activate". EDIT: Or more likely is probably the mapping under UI Shortcuts for "Primary Action/Accept" which is also G for me.
File: Stow It Auto-Sheather05/19/20
I stumbled upon this addon and it s...
Posted By: BigMons
I stumbled upon this addon and it seems to work so far. https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info901-SheathWeapon.html
File: Sheath Weapon05/19/20
Good to See
Posted By: BigMons
Updated for Harrowstorm. Sheath Weapon is a ESO addon created by Kelnoreem When out of combat, toggles the weapon to be sheathed. This addon was originally created as a learning tool for my daughter who was exploring software development as a college choice. There were many topics and languages we explored besides ESO and...
File: Votan's Keybinder05/16/20
Re: Re: Overwrites Without Warning
Posted By: BigMons
Any chance that could be changed so that it's NOT the case? I just started playing again after being away for a few years. I started with a new character to get the hang of the game again and set up completely new keybindings. Then I installed this addon to copy my new bindings to my other characters, except this addon read my saved...
File: Votan's Keybinder05/15/20
Overwrites Without Warning
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Upon first load all standard keybindings are marked as shared. Please verify it's how you want it. Once you log to other character these keybindings will be taken over! Any chance that could be changed so that it's NOT the case? I just started playing again after being away for a few years. I started with a new character to get the...
File: HarvestMap05/15/20
Posted By: BigMons
The batch file mentions logging out for the merge to work, but it seems that logging out is not enough to get the texture dds files to load the first time. I installed the addon while ingame, logged out, ran the batch file, logged back in and didn't have any icons, or rather I suspect they were blank. I couldn't figure it out but the...
File: Stow It Auto-Sheather05/15/20
Auto Unsheathing When Changing Areas
Posted By: BigMons
In regard to weapons automatically unsheathing upon travel or going through doors, I'm seeing the same behavior. I'll answer the questions that I have answers for. I've not done extensive testing. Is it "always" happening or only "sometimes"? It seems to always happen when entering/exiting outlaw refuge in Elsweyr>Rimmen. It doe...
File: pChat06/05/17
Re: [suggestion]
Posted By: BigMons
Could you add a zone stamp? So I know what zone the chat came from? Check your settings. You probably have remove zone tags enabled. http://i.imgur.com/eA7KJCx.png
File: pChat05/24/17
I just received this when I did a /...
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I just received this when I did a /reloadui or fast travel: bad argument #1 to 'string.gsub' (string expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'string.gsub' user:/AddOns/pChat/pChat.lua:2755: in function 'AddLinkHandler' user:/AddOns/pChat/pChat.lua:2838: in function 'RestoreChatMessagesFromHistory' user:/AddOns/pCh...
File: Fixes for Morrowind05/23/17
Re: Few of Us Are Among the Cognoscenti
Posted By: BigMons
SO: there has been a change in the Application Programming Interface for the whichever function. How, exactly, does this add-on "fix" the game client installed for the Morrowind patch? Or does it only "fix" an add-on, and, if that is the case, then how does it "fix" it? Is it meant to be used for only one specific add-on (w...
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin05/23/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: Patch ZIP file (v3.09a) with fixed for Morrowind
Posted By: BigMons
Ok, I found the main minimap folder in addons, I replaced it there. I was replacing the one in Saved Variables, so it was probably the wrong place. But just in case, can you confirm that this is supposed to be what's on line 125? = false, Line 125 in my file is: = true, The line that you quoted is line 44 in the saved varia...
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin05/23/17
Posted By: BigMons
The addon hasn't been updated and likely will not be updated. The author posted in March that they are not interested in ESO anymore or updating the addon. That said, there is a temporary fix posted a few posts down. Look at the post by Draewind. @Slammer99uk It looks to me like you have everything correct except for one small th...
File: InventoryManager05/18/17
I'll just wait for Morrowind to go...
Posted By: BigMons
I'll just wait for Morrowind to go live and see if this works after it's updated. On the LIVE server, I tried deleting every addon except for FCO Item Saver and Inventory Manager, and dry run and run over inventory still do nothing. I get a UI error if I try to run Inventory Manager without FCO Item Saver installed. Installed Addo...
File: Reloadui Extra Slash Commands - now with reloadui button on top of chat.05/17/17
I'm not trying to take anything awa...
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I'm not trying to take anything away from this addon, as I personally like having the reloadui button as well as the chat command, but I wanted to point this out. If all you need is the chat command, and perhaps some other custom chat commands for other things, the addon Harven's Aliases seems to be working fine as of this comment. I...
File: Multi-Quest Tracker RE05/16/17
It doesn't work at all for me. Noth...
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It doesn't work at all for me. Nothing shows up anywhere on my screen. It's a shame; I guess I'll have to use Ravalox Quest Tracker, which does not allow you to select which quests to track. I hate not having the ability to not track certain quests. Being forced to track everything sucks. I can't believe there is only 1 active quest...
File: Slash 40405/16/17
Chat Window Message?
Posted By: BigMons
I had this addon installed probably 6 months ago or more before I quit, and I think I remember it adding a chat message. After looking at the addon, I assume it is supposed to return Command not found in the chat window. If I issue an unknown command, I get a message in the top-right corner of the screen that says Invalid Command, bu...
File: Thurisaz Guild Info05/16/17
Block MotD While Allowing Other Announcements
Posted By: BigMons
I added a note to a feature request that is still showing as "under review". It is feature #1547 with a date/time of 10/11/16 06:38 AM. Here is the question/request and a little more detail. --------- Currently, under "Guild Settings", there is the option for "Show Announcements" ON/OFF. The popup for this option says that it is fo...
File: SimpleClock05/15/17
Still Works (Pre-Morrowind)
Posted By: BigMons
Just want to leave a comment that this addon still works fine. I receive no errors at all. We are a few days from the Morrowind early access, so not sure what will happen then.
File: InventoryManager05/11/17
Another Simpler Test
Posted By: BigMons
One last test I tried on PTS. I created 2 rules and printed to chat: Rule 1: put in bank any ornate item Rule 2: put in bank any intricate item I have an ornate diamond necklace and intricate rubedite helm in my inventory. I called the banker assistant and opened my bank. Received chat message: All transactions sent I opened my...
File: InventoryManager05/11/17
PTS Compatibility?
Posted By: BigMons
Sorry about the length of this reply. I'm trying to be thorough and include everything. ----------------------------- The stolen blue-quality well-fitted shield was something that I had in my inventory on LIVE that I was just trying to test with. I'm actually playing on PTS, but I wanted to see if the addon works on LIVE before I p...
File: InventoryManager05/10/17
Completely Lost
Posted By: BigMons
Either I do not understand what this addon does, or it doesn't do anything at all. The ONLY function that I can get to work that I've actually tried to use is the UnJunk all option. I've tried the version on this page, and I tried the version that Baertram offered. :confused: To test, I set up the following rule, which is printed...
File: Reloadui Extra Slash Commands - now with reloadui button on top of chat.05/10/17
Posted By: BigMons
Is there any way to move the button on the chat box? I also use the addon Circonians MyStatus and your addon's button overlaps the button for MyStatus and isn't usable. This is on PTS. Not sure about LIVE, but I doubt it's different. http://i.imgur.com/BzXw7RM.jpg EDIT: I fixed it on my end by changing: button:SetAnchor(TOPLEFT, Z...
File: Advanced Filters05/10/17
PTS Update
Posted By: BigMons
Is there any chance you might have an update for PTS/Beta soon? Can't upload changes and risk violating NDA. That's too bad, but understandable. My PTS inventory sucks without this.
File: Advanced Filters05/04/17
Posted By: BigMons
Is it possible to sort armor by light, medium, and heavy? It has been a while since I played ESO, but I believe there are sub-filters for light, medium, and heavy. If you look at the addon screenshots, particularly in screenshot #2, they have it set to the apparel main filter and below that are the sub-filters. From left to right, I...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre09/23/16
The style is listed by CraftStore p...
Posted By: BigMons
The style is listed by CraftStore probably. I don't know if there are other addon's out there that do the same, it is just the one I use and my tooltips look like that when looking at an item. Thanks, I do use Craftstore, so that's probably where it comes from.