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File: Constellations08/18/19
The new splitting soultrap is missi...
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The new splitting soultrap is missing = {true, false, true, false, true, true}, --splitting soultrap
File: Action Duration Reminder08/04/19
BIG issue with countdown not showing up!
Posted By: Tonyleila
When you go out of stamina/mag it causes dots to not register and or not register again until you intentionally let them run out compleatly. This especially happens with ground effects e.g. Endless Hail, Wall of elements, Lightning splash from Sorcs etc. Here is a short video I made of the bug: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/4...
File: Votan's Search Box07/22/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
Posted By: Tonyleila
sadly this addon is causing my whole UI to lock up and hide untill I reload. It has to be an issue together with another addon like https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info2341-GridListisfreezed.html and https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info2300-AutoCategory-Revised.html happens when you search for something and don't remove the search...
File: AlphaStyle06/25/19
Was looking for something like this...
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Was looking for something like this a while ago without success! Good work mate!
File: Auramastery05/28/19
error in frostvault
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File: SpeedRun05/26/19
Looks very usefull! Any plans to ex...
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Looks very usefull! Any plans to extend this to Dungeons ? I feel like they need a challenge too :D
File: Auto Category - Revised05/20/19
folder missing
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Thank you for the update! After todays update, my category title are missing some info. Instead of showing D3 ( dynamic name ) it just shows D3. Also when I go to the Settings menu, It is blank, only a few items appear ( no header in the drop down menu, no category name ). I made sure that I downloaded the 3 Libs that are neede...
File: Xynode's All About Mechanics05/18/19
If you haven't seen my feedback abo...
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If you haven't seen my feedback about this addon on reddit, it got some upvotes so I may as well link it here: https://old.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/comments/bq1o7u/xynodes_new_addon_all_about_mechanics/eo11mq6/?st=jvu1wxj5&sh=afc0c48a
File: Disable Addon Reminders05/18/19
Thank you for this addon!
Posted By: Tonyleila
Thank you for this addon!
File: Auto Eat, Recharge, Repair05/18/19
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Thank you for the update!. You however forgot to put the addon into a folder! :rolleyes: Please update again :D
File: Votan's Search Box05/16/19
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, I don't have destinations installed but I get this error SOMETIMES and only with this addon eneabled, it locks up my whole UI and forces me to reload: EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_StringSearch/ZO_StringSearch.lua:57: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_StringSearch/ZO_StringSearch.lua:57: in function '...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/13/19
Thank you for the reply! Just give...
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Thank you for the reply! Just give a look into the comments of ItemPreview, so many ppl woud be happy about an update! We will patiently wait :) As for extract the IDs by copying them from the data files out of FurnitureCatalogue, I have no idea how to get the other values needed for the addon tho, here is the list: lib.ITE...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/12/19
It looks like you took a deep look...
Posted By: Tonyleila
It looks like you took a deep look into FurniturePreview for your AddOn so I wonder if you maybe coud take that addon over? Sadly It dosen't work with any new recipes since murkmire so its quite useless now. The PreviewData.lua inside \FurniturePreview\Libs\LibPreview hints that it includes an auto generated list of item IDs and fit...
File: Find Furniture ID05/12/19
Coud this be used to update LibPrev...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Coud this be used to update LibPreview and make the FurniturePreview AddOn work again with new items? The PreviewData.lua includes a hint: This data is auto generated, do not edit! format: = {itemId, iconFile, name (english), itemQuality, required level, numItems} lib.MarkedIdToItemInfo = { = { = 64537, = "/...
File: Full Moon05/10/19
Did I mention I will happily accept...
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Did I mention I will happily accept artwork contributions? :D ;) Here ya go, I fixed the color a bit and cut it out, credits go to this mod Skygazer Moons - Masser and Secunda Ultra HD 4K https://i.imgur.com/DcpepDJ.png https://i.imgur.com/xCqGIJB.png
File: Quality Sort05/09/19
Lua error when opening event boxes
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Just found it this addon is causing every 3rd box I open to throw this error: EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/InventorySlot.lua:1085: Attempt to access a private function 'UseItem' from insecure code. The callstack became untrusted 1 stack frame(s) from the top. stack traceback: EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/InventorySlot.lua:1085: in function...
File: Armory Export for www.eso-armory.com05/07/19
eso-armory.com looks interesting bu...
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eso-armory.com looks interesting but don't understand why I shoud upload my char if the only way to find my chars is by searching for their name. Will you add a ranking for different categorys? Or something like that? Like who did achievement X first etc. or a score based on how early you did them comparing it to others? Also I s...
File: Action Duration Reminder05/07/19
Rquest for another option: #1 Wh...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Rquest for another option: #1 When an ability that has 2 timers like rearming trap or Haunting Curse there shoud be a small 1/2 and 2/2 for the timers so that I always know if i need to recast the effect when it runs out and so that it prevents me from overwriting the existing effect. (Bandits version of ADR is doing this but I do...
File: Auto Eat, Recharge, Repair05/05/19
Error in LAM2
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Hi! I get this error when I open the addon settings: user:/AddOns/Auto/Auto.lua:1101: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/Auto/Auto.lua:1101: in function '(anonymous)' : in function 'SetHidden' user:/AddOns/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:1004: in function 'addonListRow_Select'...
File: LibAddonMenu05/03/19
x 1st: How should an addon determi...
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x 1st: How should an addon determine if a user is an addon developer? 2nd: YOU as addon user should report this to the addon dev of the addon mentioned, or noone will do it. Not everyone is using every addon and thus showing the messages to all users is the only way to fix this 3rd: If you are not interested in helping, why should...
File: LibAddonMenu05/02/19
The chat messages will go away once...
Posted By: Tonyleila
The chat messages will go away once authors have updated their addons to no longer set handlers on LAM panels directly. This is unacceptable and absolutly not user friendly. :( Please add an option to disable this chat spam, if its only an info for the authors, only they shoud enable it to see it. This just makes me roll back to t...
File: LibAddonMenu05/01/19
Uhhm woud be nice if the 3x LM2 spa...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Uhhm woud be nice if the 3x LM2 spam in chat woud tell me WHAT ADDON is causing the errors: Setting a handler on a panel is not recommended. .... (OnShow on Auto_LAM) Setting a handler on a panel is not recommended. .... (OnEffevctivelyHidden on GridListOptions) (I guess this one is gridlist) Setting a handler on a panel is...
File: Constellations04/16/19
Pts notes
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Overload: This ability and its morphs will now properly scale with Staff Expert in the Champion Point system. Also updated the tooltip for this ability and its morphs to better describe functionality. Power Overload (morph): Increased the damage dealt of Light and Heavy Attack override by 10% to improve the morph distinction. D...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter04/11/19
Master writs of "Rüstung der Verführung" not working
Posted By: Tonyleila
German client. I had Master writs from different professions for the "Rüstung der Verführung" set. Somehow it was able to craft this when I had the quest in my log! But from rightklick > craft seald writ it did not work and it crafted non set items instead. (RiP my Nirncrux). Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/h2mHKHT
File: Daily Alchemy04/10/19
Crafts too many
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Hi!:) Please update to Ver1.2.21. You may improve it. Hi Marify! The alchemy master writs have been changed a few weeks ago. I'm using 1.2.21 and its crafting more then needed for the master writ (potions and poisons!):( Made some screenshots, just in case its only for the writs that I crafted: https://imgur.com/a/r5ViLMo...