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File: ShowBlastbones05/06/20
Re: Moving the frame
Posted By: Floliroy
WTF is the command to move the frame on a PC? You might want to add that to your description. Thanks in advance. There should be an option in the menu settings to unlock the frame and so to be able to move it !
File: HowLong04/27/20
As Trinity said you need to put the...
Posted By: Floliroy
As Trinity said you need to put the folder in the archive (and then the files into the folder) otherwise it will not work for Minion's users. Also here is the fr.lua if you want : ZO_CreateStringId('SI_HOWLONG_HOURSLONG', ' heures') ZO_CreateStringId('SI_HOWLONG_HOURSSHORT', 'h') ZO_CreateStringId('SI_HOWLONG_PLAYED1', ' a Út...
File: May I Bash?03/19/20
It looks cool, could you add trap c...
Posted By: Floliroy
It looks cool, could you add trap cost also ?
File: ShowBlastbones02/29/20
Is this addon still working? The ic...
Posted By: Floliroy
Is this addon still working? The icon doesn't change for me. It's just always like the 1st picture. It is fixed, sorry for the disappearance on ESO
File: DebuffMe02/29/20
Re: Future option please
Posted By: Floliroy
First off, I love this addon.áBut what would make it even better would be to have an option to be able to display debuffs at all times, not just bosses. I would love to be able to track debuffs on trash fights as well and I think it would be incredibly helpful to have an option like this (e.x. always display the addon UI while in com...
File: HowToSunspire08/23/19
Re: just a little detail about libs
Posted By: Floliroy
Would it be possible that you do not add that LibCustomTitles which is outdated and totally different of the https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1334-CustomTitles.html from Dolgubon (Ayantir) please ? I ended up with a conflict with those two libs Thank you ---------------------- in the meantime i removed it from my folder...
File: SpeedRun08/16/19
Have you download the last update ?...
Posted By: Floliroy
Have you download the last update ? Cause i should have fix this in last version
File: SpeedRun08/06/19
Afraid not, but would it be possibl...
Posted By: Floliroy
Afraid not, but would it be possible to differentiate between veteran and hardmode? I just checked i don't find anything in the API that could differentiate veteran from HM. The only way would be to do a special function for each trial, but shit i'm lazy af. Anyway one day i should do a function for each raid to get more precise...
File: HowToSunspire07/25/19
2 things: 1: Your txt file is i...
Posted By: Floliroy
2 things: 1: Your txt file is in UTF8 WITH BOM (byte order mark) mode and this somehow disturbs the addon manager sometimes. Please remove the BOM on that file, thank you. 2: Please do NOT use LibStub anymore where not needed. Most libraries got a global variable now you can use to access the library data directly instead of...
File: DebuffMe07/21/19
Hey, did u allready added Power Ext...
Posted By: Floliroy
Hey, did u allready added Power Extraction from Nightblades to the debufflist? I know its coming when Scalebreaker hits, but it would be nice if that debuff is trackable as well :) In fact in the settings, i added some options and fonctions to track whichever debuff you want, i would recommend to enter the ID of the debuff, but...
File: HowToBeam07/21/19
Hi Floliroy Can you please make...
Posted By: Floliroy
Hi Floliroy Can you please make the boss health threashold in % rather than the health value. This should help a lot vs hm bosses as their health changes a lot. Thanks in advance The threshold value is only to show or not the announcment, the % will always be calculated depending on your stats, buff, and hp% of the target.
File: JoGroup Quick Update06/24/19
debuff dot
Posted By: Floliroy
Could you add an option to change the bar color to a custom color when the ally got a DoT or a debuff on him ?
File: AiM's Synergy Tracker06/05/19
Could you add in the Healer Fram a...
Posted By: Floliroy
Could you add in the Healer Fram a Track DDs Only also ? Or track a list of custom @ name ? EDIT : + track only 1 synergy settings for others
File: Votan's Addon List06/01/19
Custom Addon Section
Posted By: Floliroy
Also is it possible to create some custom addon section? atm we have all our addon in one section then all the librairies in another one. I would really enjoy to have a pannel to create different section with a custom name and then to tidy my addons in these sections without activate all the addon of one category at same time.
File: Votan's Addon List05/29/19
Hey, could you add a button to disa...
Posted By: Floliroy
Hey, could you add a button to disable all non used Librairies ?
File: SpeedRun05/29/19
Re: error in vma
Posted By: Floliroy
https://imgur.com/a/VXRdsuO I've encountered a bug while using the add on in vMA. even though it says that I am I the red in every round, it was still my fastest run to date. Do you have a screenshot of before your run ? Cause the addon take in count all your best timer for each arena separatly, so maybe your total time was b...
File: SpeedRun05/26/19
Looks very usefull! Any plans to ex...
Posted By: Floliroy
Looks very usefull! Any plans to extend this to Dungeons ? I feel like they need a challenge too :D Yeah we have plenty idea to improve it with custom steps and so for dungeons also as it is said in description this is still a beta version :)
File: HowToBeam03/20/19
Re: How To Beam 1.3.1 UI Error
Posted By: Floliroy
The following UI Error dialog is displayed after the character which I chose is loaded and ready to play: user:/AddOns/HowToBeam/Lib/LibCustomTitles/Titles/Floliroy.lua:7: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/HowToBeam/Lib/LibCustomTitles/Titles/Floliroy.lua:7: in function '(main chunk)' |caaaaaa
File: Trap11/30/18
Nice One
Posted By: Floliroy
Nice addon ! Maybe you should check if the bonus (minor force) is get before run the timer, and so reduce the duration of the timer to match with the new start of it. :D
File: HowToBeam11/26/18
Re: Welcome to Add-on Development: UI Error
Posted By: Floliroy
https://i.imgur.com/qrvVHZA.png One of my add-on (bugeater) dismiss all error on my screen so it work fine on my game. Did you do something special to get this error ? Is it since v1.1 ? Can you click on "more info" so i get more detail ? Will check this asap to fix it EDIT : I just tried without BugEater enable, and i didn't g...
File: DarkUI10/13/17
Hi ! I found this Addon beautiful e...
Posted By: Floliroy
Hi ! I found this Addon beautiful exept one thing : All the solid lines of windows (as for FPS meter)... Is there a way that we can use default windows (windows of skills, inventory, quest, etc...) of the game or something without these solid lines ? Or just use DarkUI for our Skills Bar + Compass + Ressource Bar + Target Bar...