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File: Hotep® Crafting Freelancer07/06/18
Few issues/bugs.
Posted By: nazzeth
Hey there, Just had a few issues today taking orders. Firstly, customer tried to edit an item in the cart which triggered a ui Error. he was trying to change the Style type for an item. user:/AddOns/HotepCraftingFreelancer/libs/HotepOrderTaker.lua:181: operator - is not supported for number - nil stack traceback: user:/...
File: Discord Status Updater06/28/18
Re: Re: Can't get it to work
Posted By: nazzeth
you'll need to delete that folder since the client will think that that's the correct AddOn location. This is the step I was missing. First install put it in the wrong place, and i kept getting the error even after i re-installed it in the right place. Thanks for that.