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File: Dungeon Timer05/26/19
Posted By: Skyshardaddict
Installed this a couple of days ago but haven't got it to work yet, any ideas I could try?
File: SkyShards05/24/19
OMG it works again
Posted By: Skyshardaddict
I had no idea those files were addons themselves. I just added the files the way AM just suggested (via Minion) and all is good again, thanks for explaining it so clearly.
File: SkyShards05/23/19
Please help
Posted By: Skyshardaddict
I can't use either since the patch, tried un and reinstalling. No gamepad, and my other 8 addons are OK, it was working so sweet until the patch is there any other things I can try? I get Required Add-Ons: LibStub CustomCompassPins LibAddonMenu-2.0 LibMapPing LibGPS LibMapPins-1.0 If these are really missing where can I get...