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File: AUI - Advanced UI03/07/15
Re: Re: Re: Map breaking other addons
Posted By: Grymdael
I have just updated LibMapPins with code from Sensi and the latest version should be working correctly. Please update your addons. Thank you Garkin, your updates have solved the problem. Greatly appreciated.
File: AUI - Advanced UI03/07/15
Re: Map breaking other addons
Posted By: Grymdael
Like ppl stated before disabling the map on aui stops the pins for other map addons to show,is there a way to get the addon without the map included? edit:temporally fixed the issue by removing the minimap from the addon got an error code about it on login but everything's running fine Thanks for the tip mate, I'll give it a...
File: HarvestMap03/07/15
Please test, it should fix. http...
Posted By: Grymdael
Please test, it should fix. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nvblqdi90rg0qrh/HarvestMap.zip?dl=0 Updated version, api, libaddonmenu and fixed : #712 local newAction, nodeName, blockedNode, isOwned = GetGameCameraInteractableActionInfo() #757 if interactionType == INTERACTION_NONE and Harvest.action == GetSt...
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker02/13/15
Love this addon.
Posted By: Grymdael
Sensible range of options, easy to configure and looks like it 'belongs' in the game. Thank you for your good work.
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced02/13/15
Great addon thankyou.
Posted By: Grymdael
Does what it states it will, smoothly and effortlessly. Thank you.
File: AUI - Advanced UI02/13/15
Make this features please: http...
Posted By: Grymdael
Make this features please: http://firepic.org/images/2015-02/12/8zr8gu8n6r8e.jpg All in picture. G'day mate, thought you might like to know about an addon called Azurah, it enables frames to be moved and placed where you like. Could be a useful solution for you. Cheers.
File: Wykkyd Toolbar02/09/15
Please add banked gold and bank slo...
Posted By: Grymdael
Please add banked gold and bank slots (free/used) Yes please. I'm currently using a separate addon that supplies this information and this information only, simply because the toolbar does not do this. An option to adjust transparency / opacity would be the icing on the cake. Thankyou.
File: AUI - Advanced UI02/09/15
I've said it before and I'll say it again...
Posted By: Grymdael
...love this addon. All the more so as it plays nicely with the other addons that I've used. Not to mention that as I've continued to use it I've decided to axe entirely an addon that I have been using and provides similar functionality, but is a pain in the bum to set up! A couple of features that would be nice to see,...
File: Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC)02/04/15
Potentially good addon, needs more work.
Posted By: Grymdael
It would be nice however if the follow options be considered. 1 Fonts, the ability to select the fonts used so that visual consistency with other addons can be achieved. 2 Separate the target and player buff options so that they can be enabled / disabled individually. 3 I find it somewhat annoying that /realoadui is 'automat...
File: AUI - Advanced UI02/04/15
Love your work mate.
Posted By: Grymdael
Great addon, love it all the more as each feature can be enabled / disabled individually. If at all possible at some time in the future could an opacity option be added for each element please. Cheers.
File: MailR02/04/15
Feature suggestion.
Posted By: Grymdael
It may have already been mentioned, if so consider this a vote for the feature. A separate "Outbox" or "Sent" tab in the mail window to view sent items please. Cheers.
File: Wykkyd Toolbar12/31/14
Toolbar feature.
Posted By: Grymdael
Hi, Would it be possible to implement an opacity setting for the toolbar please. At present it is the only addon that I'm using which doesn't support this, and while all other displayed elements on my setup are at 70% the toolbar is not and looks a little out of place. Cheers.
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin12/02/14
Posted By: Grymdael
Love this map, has all the features I was looking for and more. Thank you for this.
File: Fully Customizable MultiQuests Tracker11/30/14
Posted By: Grymdael
Garkin you are a legend!
File: Fully Customizable MultiQuests Tracker11/23/14
Re: Update 5 update ?
Posted By: Grymdael
Hi Blackstorm, is there any chance to update this great add-on to current game-version ? I second this motion. Your addon is by far the best quest tracker available. Please continue to maintain it.
File: Slightly Improvedô Attribute Bars11/23/14
Attribute bars.
Posted By: Grymdael
Would it be possible to include an option where the attribute bars are only visible during combat. I really like the ability to both fade and bring them closer together, but feel it would be even less intrusive if they were not visible while not in combat. Cheers.
File: w33zl's GameInfo11/16/14
Love this addon, thank you.
Posted By: Grymdael
Small, functional and unintrusive, just the way I like it. The only addition that would be nice to see is an option to display available gold. Cheers.
File: Crafting Stations11/16/14
Great addon.
Posted By: Grymdael
Two things come to mind. As the maps already display icons for crafting stations, would it be possible to turn the icons off entirely? That way only the tooltips would be displayed. I feel that this would provide for more immersive gameplay as the crafting stations would then only be visible as they are discovered. Cheers.
File: TrueExploration11/10/14
Recently installed and love it.
Posted By: Grymdael
Great addon, it's a shame I didn't 'discover' this when I first started playing. The only observation that I'd like to make as a 'late' adopter at VR2, is that the addon isn't aware of 'where' you've been upon installation. Hence I had to retrace all my steps so to speak to fill in places already discovered prior to installatio...
File: Merlin the Enchanter10/10/14
Re: Re: Great addon mate.
Posted By: Grymdael
Thx ! I love it too :p I've just add an option to change background texture... but with book's textures :rolleyes: I will not adapt my addon to replace game UI (or with a different display), but I'll see if I can add or create a texture like the ESO UI window (now i have the option to change background :D). Thanks for your rep...
File: Advanced Filters10/09/14
Love this addon.
Posted By: Grymdael
A guild mate mentioned this to me in chat one day when I was complaining about the standard inventory. This addon is exactly, what I was looking for. Thank you!
File: Merlin the Enchanter10/09/14
Great addon mate.
Posted By: Grymdael
Love your addon works really well thankyou. I'm not sure how much work would be involved but would it be possible to have an option or version that is themed to suit the original game ui. Keep up the great work.