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File: Bandits User Interface01/21/18
Last version Lua Error: user:/AddO...
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Last version Lua Error: user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_Actions.lua:1242: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_Actions.lua:1242: in function 'BUI.Actions.TargetBuffs' user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_Actions.lua:1248: in function 'BUI.TimersUpdate' Im getting this as...
File: Miat's PVP Alerts01/08/18
Latest PTS Patch notes Addons A...
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Latest PTS Patch notes Addons Addons will now only know about attacks that target you after they hit you in PvP areas. Developer Comments: Addons will no longer receive BEGIN combat events in PvP areas if they target the player, and come from a hostile source.
File: Bandits User Interface12/26/17
Hi, Love the addon, its the best...
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Hi, Love the addon, its the best one out there atm..... Just a small thing, small grammatical error. the line in the en folder; ZO_CreateStringId("BUI_GroupMemberLeave", "leaved group") should read; ZO_CreateStringId("BUI_GroupMemberLeave", "has left the group")
File: Lui Extended03/31/16
Hi, Is it possible to include a tot...
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Hi, Is it possible to include a total amount in your inv when you loot something and have the chat announcements on pls ?
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced03/03/16
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Hi, i was wondering if it was possible to darken the colours of the attribute bars ?
File: CompassMaintenance 100015.102/13/16
Can we have it so it snaps to centr...
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Can we have it so it snaps to centre ? Thx in advance.
File: AUI - Advanced UI09/18/15
:banana:Great addon!:banana: Only i...
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:banana:Great addon!:banana: Only issue i'm having is "true" being spammed in my chat window. Nothing game breaking just something i'd like to get rid of. Thanks in advance! I'm also having this "true" spam in my chat when an enemy dies. Ditto
File: AUI - Advanced UI07/10/15
Hi, I have used your addon since...
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Hi, I have used your addon since it started but your latest version 1.2.7 keeps coming up with a lua error and doesnt have the config in addon settings either - I have had to roll back to 1.2.5 to keep it working.