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File: Pollox's Daily Quest Tracker - Update08/31/20
hi there, could it be that some...
Posted By: Rothry
hi there, could it be that some german names are too long? https://i.imgur.com/xH5Ei9Z.png https://i.imgur.com/JCprRCx.png
File: Master Merchant 3.008/27/20
I could use some help Does this...
Posted By: Rothry
I could use some help Does this mean I still have to press E on the sales history to load all the sales data? (and will I have to do this every day?) Or is sales data updated in real time as it comes in? I'm not sure what to do. In case you delete all saved vars you have to press E and load all sales data (10 days) ONCE. An...
File: Master Merchant 3.008/26/20
Posted By: Rothry
I just want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work on Master Merchant 3.0. It works perfect ( for me at least ). Same here ;)
File: Master Merchant08/10/20
only a question: Why weekly sales...
Posted By: Rothry
only a question: Why weekly sales are not resetted ? MM shows the sales from last week and adds the new sales to this? it is beacause of the new trading week. tuesday to tuesday. and beacause of that we have a 11 days trade week this time
File: Master Merchant08/10/20
As of late MM stopped showing lates...
Posted By: Rothry
As of late MM stopped showing latest sales in its own sales window, even though those sales are detected. List refreshes only after /reloadui, which is tiresome. Thoughts? i had this problem too after the update. after logging through my characters the issue was gone
File: Destinations08/09/20
Hi there, I wanted to contribute...
Posted By: Rothry
Hi there, I wanted to contribute a location of a fishing node. The info page suggests an outdated /discontinued addon to do so (Map Coordinates). Is there another simple solution for this and via which channel should i report it? Greetz
File: NoAccidentalStealing (+no accidental casting)07/12/20
NoAccidentalStealing v1.12 Baertram...
Posted By: Rothry
NoAccidentalStealing v1.12 Baertram (...) Awesome. Thank you :banana:
File: Lost Treasure07/04/20
I like the updated style of this Ad...
Posted By: Rothry
I like the updated style of this AddOn. Thanks Scootworks and CDG^^
File: GuildShrines07/01/20
Re: Re: Libraries
Posted By: Rothry
Update is uploaded and pending. If there are any remaining issues just leave a comment and I can look into them. :) Awesome. Thank you so much :)
File: Crafting Writ Assistant06/16/20
when i craft enchanting master writ...
Posted By: Rothry
when i craft enchanting master writs: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table/struct expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'pairs' user:/AddOns/CraftingWritAssistant/CraftingWritAssistant.lua:475: in function 'BindEnchantingDetails' |caaaaaa craftingType = 3, journalStepText = "Liefert die Glyphe", listofDetails =...
File: HarvestPins06/13/20
man what a great addon addon :) but...
Posted By: Rothry
man what a great addon addon :) but man what weird versioning :D
File: HarvestMap06/10/20
Hey Shinni, i wonder why the Add...
Posted By: Rothry
Hey Shinni, i wonder why the AddOn Version in HarvestMap.txt is is still 3.13.00. And you bundled all the needed libraries in your AddOn (and not seperately) but dont call their paths in your txt file nor the global variable with DependsOn/OptionalDependsOn. I am impressed that its working. Edit: Ah okay in Modules/HarvestMap...
File: AchievementInfo06/01/20
Re: Re: LibStub
Posted By: Rothry
So there is no LibStub in my releases anymore. :banana: Great :banana: Thank you
File: Delete Redundant Libs05/29/20
Thanks for your great effort. Coul...
Posted By: Rothry
Thanks for your great effort. Could you exclude LibCustomTitles? Had to re-integrate it in many folders because it is often customized by AddOn developers...
File: Friend Removed Notification05/29/20
Re: Re: LUA Error
Posted By: Rothry
Argggggg I cut/pasted a line from Inv Insight and forget to change a reference. New ver in a few. :( S**t happens, dont be so hard on yourself. Thanks for maintaining :)
File: GuildShrines05/29/20
Posted By: Rothry
Hey Kyoma, could you unbundle LAM & LibStub? Many thanks :)
File: Champion Point Respec05/29/20
Thank you for this lightweight AddO...
Posted By: Rothry
Thank you for this lightweight AddOn. Could you remove the usage of LibStub and unbundle LAM? Would be very kind :) It says /cpr is an invalid command (addon description says you can use it to toggle the ui). Just thought I would mention that. The AddOn description is misleading. You have to type /cprsettings
File: AchievementInfo05/29/20
Posted By: Rothry
LibStub usage is removed but still bundled in the AddOn folder. Why is that?
File: Friend Removed Notification05/28/20
LUA Error
Posted By: Rothry
get this after reloudui e.g. login or zone switch user:/AddOns/FriendRemovedNotification/FriendRemovedNotification.lua:25: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/FriendRemovedNotification/FriendRemovedNotification.lua:25: in function 'InitSavedVarsFriends' user:/AddOns/FriendRemovedNotification/FriendRemovedNo...
File: Urich's Coffer Timer04/29/20
Hi there, this addon is very hel...
Posted By: Rothry
Hi there, this addon is very helpful. However, after update 2.0.13 it stopped working and the description of the addon on esoui is gone. What is going on? Greetz Rothry
File: Arkadius' Trade Tools04/08/20
Hello fellow tradesman, is there...
Posted By: Rothry
Hello fellow tradesman, is there a option to keep a minimum amount of sales of an item in the history? For example 30 sales (minimum) in the last 80 days. Thank you for your replies
File: Shopping List - Master Merchant Extension01/04/20
Re: Fixed !!
Posted By: Rothry
Hi, I was able to fix it with the help of (...)sirinsidiator(...). Thank you very much indeed :)
File: ChatMentions - DEPRECATED10/09/19
Re: Re: Re: libChat3 Causes Conflicts
Posted By: Rothry
It doesn't break the chat for me. Are you using Junkee 2018? If not, can you list all other addons and libraries you have enabled so I can try to track down this problem? hi Coorbin, i dont use Junkee but the reason your addon was breaking the chat was the library libChat3 you bundled within your addon folder. Baertram the add...
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)10/06/19
Re: Re: Permanent junk rules
Posted By: Rothry
Junk rules are only applied when you are looting them, not when you are receiving them (...) by mail. thanks to klingo there is a dedicated option for this. an option for deconstructing would be appreciated but isnt urgent
File: libChat210/04/19
Found some of the old used zo_strfo...
Posted By: Rothry
Found some of the old used zo_strformat commands in event EVENT_CHAT_MESSAGE_CHANNEL callback function of libChat2 and changed them to use the string.format functions from ZOs code now. Update 11 will fix this. Try if it works good now and if not please tell me how to reproduce any error! Edit: Standalone or not: this would h...