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File: pChat03/03/20
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Thank you, Baertram. At this time all the issues I knew about appear to be fixed.
File: pChat02/25/20
[LAM2] Could not create dropdown 'Default tab' of pChatOptions.
Posted By: randomsilliness
I see 3 issues, maybe all related: Custom slash commands (per guild) not working, as someone else noted. I see this system message as soon as I try to access the pChat settings: Could not create dropdown 'Default tab' of pChatOptions. Unable to edit the chat colors. Clicking on any of the colored boxes in settings has no ef...
File: Votan's Darker Nights02/08/20
Re: Re: Re: Amazing Addon!
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...Is it possible to extend the period of the night till 6 am using that addon or in some way in settings. Votan deserves all the credit for this addon, but I have been working on a proposed enhancement to do much of what you ask. I just don't know the process for handing my code off for review and consideration. I should point ou...
File: Bandits User Interface02/05/20
Settings>Bandits UI>Frames settings...
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Settings>Bandits UI>Frames settings>Out of combat transparency No, I mean it disappears forever. I've since learned a simple mount and dismount can cause it. Repro steps: With auto-hide enabled... /reloadui Cast any ability that requires magicka or stamina, or just walk into combat, to demonstrate health bar becomes visible...
File: Bandits User Interface01/31/20
Re: Re: Re: Frames disappearing
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...It also happens when using a mount: bars don't show mount stamina drain and usually don't show up after dismount and entering combat. It's very annoying i have to keep te bars always visible to reduce the problem but still happens from time to time when entering menus and after load screens.Do you have a fool-proof set of steps t...
File: AlphaStyle01/23/20
...I don't remember why I commented...
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...I don't remember why I commented them out in the first place....I'll have a look and release a new version soon. -mesota Still working just fine. I've seen only 2 issues; both minor. (1) If you saved style with current/prior version, you get a warning when equipping it, but it works. Can simply update the style to prevent tha...
File: AlphaStyle01/19/20
Just found this today, and I'm lovi...
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Just found this today, and I'm loving it already. I noticed that minor adornments aren't being equipped, so I opened the code to see if I could contribute by adding the feature myself. Then I noticed you already had that at one time, and commented it out. So I'm guessing something broke along the way, yes? EDIT: So I uncomment...
File: Bandits User Interface01/18/20
Re: Frames disappearing
Posted By: randomsilliness
I have to constantly reload my ui because my hp/stam/mag bars keep disappearing. It usually happens during a load screen. I have had same problem for a long time, though it seemed to go away when I made a new character. Now it's happening on the new character. I think must be a data or other conflict with another addon, but I don'...
File: pChat09/29/19
Re: temp fix maybe
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it works for me still if i turn off "restore text entry history" ... I'll try that. ok, tried that and I still get this upon logging in: EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_Hook.lua:15: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_Hook.lua:15: in function 'ZO_PreHook' |caaaaaa existingFunctionNam...
File: pChat09/27/19
... I would guess that it's either...
Posted By: randomsilliness
... I would guess that it's either a conflict with some other addon you have installed.... I think that may play a part, but if so it's not as simple as removing the offending addon. Consider this: I had a problem with pChat throwing errors months ago. The only "fix" was to delete it and all associate data. Re-installed it fresh...
File: Chat Tab Selector09/25/19
I really like to use your addon but...
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I really like to use your addon but it seems to break the use of /r or /reply to message the last person whispering you. I'l check it. I have the same problem; /r and /reply have no effect.
File: pChat09/24/19
Re: Re: Any alternative to pchat ?
Posted By: randomsilliness
Been getting some weird bug / chat errors. Did you try Gandalf's suggestion that I reposted in the post just before yours? It has previously solved errors looking pretty much identical to yours. Disabling Restore Chat options, ReloadUI and enabling the Chat Restore options solved the issue for me. Not sure about OP, but I ha...
File: Votan's Improved Outfit Station08/27/19
Suggestion: Improved Randomize Dyes
Posted By: randomsilliness
(edited) Occasionally I use Randomize Dyes to get new ideas, but it's a pain when an outfit has a mix of styles and the "trim" color slot on one piece is the "base" color slot on another. I was thinking how cool it would be if there was a dye randomization that would preserve the associations inferred through existing colors....
File: Votan's Improved Outfit Station03/07/19
Re: Re: Unable to equip/apply anything at all now
Posted By: randomsilliness
Applying Fashion to outfits is kicked by ZOS (since Summerset). I'm a bit confused. It should still work for costumes. Ugh...I've tried repeatedly over the past day or so to respond to this, and every time I proofread it I think, "god I sound like a [email protected]#$." I really don't want to be that way, but I'm so confused. Short version:...
File: Votan's Improved Outfit Station03/06/19
Unable to equip/apply anything at all now
Posted By: randomsilliness
I love this add-on. It's one of my fav's. We've been without the preview for a long while, but at least we could fork out the gold to apply a saved outfit. I no longer see a way to do that. No buttons other than "rename" "delete" "update" "new" "exit". Clicking or double-clicking any of the saved fashions does nothing. Right-...
File: Circonians Addon Selector06/07/18
Re: Re: UI errors upon login
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.....Is it reproducable with only Circonians Addon selectorbenabled? .... Please enable all other addons and test to enable one addon after another until the error appears again.....Some ppl said it happens if you play in fullscreen mode and alt+tab to the desktop.... Last night I couldn't get the error to happen without C.A.S. runn...
File: Circonians Addon Selector06/06/18
UI errors upon login
Posted By: randomsilliness
Just installed Addon Selector. Had to uninstall and re-install to get rid of an error that occurred during login ("Failed to create control 'ZO_AddOnsList1Row5'. Duplicate name.") Then, after 1 session of successful gaming and configuring/using addon profiles, I find that I get that error again when I log in; only now ALL add-ons a...
File: Essential Housing Tools05/12/18
Feature request - allow rotate in drag-n-drop mode.
Posted By: randomsilliness
I'm slowly warming up to EHT, but one of the things that I miss from my older tools is the ability to freely drag & rotate an item, and have the group fall into place once it's dropped. EHT doesn't follow rotation during drag-n-drop, and there doesn't appear to be a way to adjust group pitch/roll at all.
File: Essential Housing Tools05/12/18
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Slight errors creeping into role and pitch
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.......The slow down was minor on my system, but I am going to assume that this was, at least in part, responsible for the slowness you had originally reported. ........ If you do get a chance to check it out and can let me know, I'd hugely appreciate it! :-) Tested finally. Performance looks much better now.
File: Essential Housing Tools04/30/18
Re: Re: Re: Slight errors creeping into role and pitch
Posted By: randomsilliness
My apologies. I should have said I was using the add-on in PTS. It seems the slowness only occurs in PTS, according to another player I met that was using it in both environments.
File: Essential Housing Tools04/29/18
Re: Re: Slight errors creeping into role and pitch
Posted By: randomsilliness
... result of the add-on's built-in adjustments to attempt to avoid Gimbal Lock scenarios... applied without adjusting from/to/over a 90 degree angle I was, in fact, adjusting the group to by 90 and 180 degree angles. I had a group that needed to be duplicated, rotated 180 degrees, and then re-aligned to its cousin. The rotated...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/28/18
Slight errors creeping into role and pitch
Posted By: randomsilliness
Tried this add-on today. I like the concept, and I love that people like you are willing to make these things a reality. A few things need ironing out: Bug: When yawing a group of items, all of which started out with role and pitch angels at 0, all grouped items end up with slight role or pitch angle after the yaw is complete (...
File: Furniture Grouper02/08/18
Re: Re: HOW TO: perfectly duplicate a group
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...Hey, you actually just have to repeat steps 4-5. I don't see how that's going to work without additional steps of some kind. SH will only load/restore items that (a) were saved, and (b) also got moved after the save. Won't do any good to move something that isn't (yet) part of the save-file. I'm just thankful that people lik...
File: Furniture Grouper02/04/18
HOW TO: perfectly duplicate a group
Posted By: randomsilliness
I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I thought I'd post a HOW TO DUPLICATE A GROUP. I use this technique quite a bit. It requires the use of Furniture Grouper together with Save House. Imagine you created the perfect hanging planter box, complete with plants, and you want to make 2 more just like it: Make sure you h...
File: Furniture Grouper02/04/18
Re: Re: Re: groups corrupted while placing new items
Posted By: randomsilliness
.....I've just uploaded a fix for this bug. Thank you for the report, randomsilliness. Works great. Thank you.