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File: CraftAutoLoot08/02/17
Can't turn off AutoLoot
Posted By: staraven
I wasn't happy with the fact I couldn't set a list of specific items to NOT loot, so I disabled the mod. For some reason, one of my characters is back to normal, the the other one still has Autoloot active somehow. I even removed it from the directory. How can I turn it off?
File: CraftStore04/27/15
UI Error
Posted By: staraven
I have several toons all get this error. Just started happening in last couple of weeks. Just installed latest version today: user:/AddOns/CraftStore/CraftStore.lua:818: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/CraftStore/CraftStore.lua:818: in function 'CS.GetCraftResearch' user:/AddOns/CraftStore/CraftSt...