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File: Info Panel08/16/18
A similar mistake and i have. af...
Posted By: tart
A similar mistake and i have. after first dis-/enabling fps/latency and the same + centering Info Panel, it sits where it should.... until interacting with a door, then fps/latency is centerd and the only items with background
File: FCM Quest Tracker08/06/18
Error FCMQT Libs
Posted By: tart
Interface error, pls help: user:/AddOns/FCMQT/Libs/LibCustomTitles.lua:106: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/FCMQT/Libs/LibCustomTitles.lua:106: in function 'LibCustomTitles:RegisterTitle' user:/AddOns/FCMQT/Libs/LibCustomTitles.lua:281: in function '(main chunk)'
File: GGN Dialog2Clipboard05/31/17
Re: Update 1.31
Posted By: tart
Время оно бесценно. Спасибо за апдейт! Устранил ошибку, к...
File: GGN Dialog2Clipboard05/25/17
Re: Re: error
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У автора аддона наверно нет времени но надеюсь в скором ...
File: GGN Dialog2Clipboard05/24/17
Re: error
Posted By: tart
+ такая же ошибка, обновите аддон Добрый день. Спасибо за ...