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File: AlphaGear 211/02/17
Thank You
Posted By: hacky2007
Just wanted to say thanks for bringing this addon back to life. Really enjoying it and I've recommended it to some guild mates :)
File: pChat10/15/17
Re: pChat freezes game
Posted By: hacky2007
I have a freezing problem that I cannot find anyone else having in forums. Simply having pChat installed causes ESO to freeze. The computer OS remains fine, and I can kill ESO using the Task Manager, although I do lose mouse control, so I have to use keyboard shortcuts to use Task Manager. I have been unable to determine any particu...
File: Undaunted Daily08/17/17
Confirmed DLC Rotation
Posted By: hacky2007
local pledgeCycleC = {22, 29, 30, 20, 21, 19}
File: Undaunted Daily08/14/17
Posted By: hacky2007
With the new DLC dungeons I believe the rotation will be: local pledgeCycleC = {21, 29, 30, 19, 22, 20} I can confirm tomorrow to be sure.
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin10/22/15
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: clash with skyshards and lorebooks by garkin
Posted By: hacky2007
Yup, I continue to get the exact same issue which has been around for a number of the latest builds (4 or 5 from memory) - Duplicated sky shards which show on the in-game main map and multiple 'tooltip' descriptions. I have to regularly do a /reloadui to 're-set' it, but it starts again after a while. Absolutley love this add-on,...
File: Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC)09/13/15
Posted By: hacky2007
The Sorc Crystal Fragments buff bug is fixed with the latest update! Thank you for all your hard work :)
File: Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC)09/11/15
The Crystal Frag. proc notification...
Posted By: hacky2007
The Crystal Frag. proc notification does not seem to work correctly. xS Can you fix it pls ? Thx for you work. This is happening to me also, really stinks as this is the Buff I most care about on my lower lvl Sorc for now :(