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File: Bandits Loot Manager06/27/19
Posted By: sutex
My lockpick are been junked, unchecked anything to do with lockpicks re-loaded ui and it still happens if I buy new lockpicks Can we have a never junk lockpicks option ?
File: Bandits User Interface05/14/19
Custom Bar
Posted By: sutex
The Text one; Can that be changed to work in Groups ? Would like to be able to tell groups this. "I need to regen Stamina before fights, more so if Group is rushing" As a DPS Stamina build, in Vet dungeons find myself having to join in on fights with half a Stamina bar most of the time.
File: NTak Dialog05/11/19
Posted By: sutex
I like slow dialog, text appearing as spoken, forces me to read listen while waiting to click next. Yet in a Group ie: dungeons, means been left behind, a setting that picked up when Grouped so all text appears quickly, and what can be skipped though is, would be good. At list to help, https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Repeatable_Q...
File: Bandits User Interface05/11/19
Re: Trying to learn what all this is about
Posted By: sutex
Thank you for an excellent tool. Now I just need to continue learning what is what I see. Jaim Sandar <---- noob Yes in the same 'dungeon' need YouTube to showcase everything but mudding along :) I really like this add on , maybe more detailed tool tips ?
File: AlphaGear 204/26/19
Posted By: sutex
Can the Icons be re-sized like the Icon on screen that shows what set is up Ive named, thanks
File: Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings04/21/19
Given ESO is in America using TCP,...
Posted By: sutex
Given ESO is in America using TCP, latency is a huge issue for the other millions playing Pings for the "World" are usually between 270 - 400 all the time. Anything you can do to with 'Adaptive Setting' to allow the rest of the world to enjoy trials/pvp Comments from my Aussie guild and Trials "Trial was great fun. My fr...
File: NTak Camera04/19/19
Posted By: sutex
I'm a Nightblade DPS Vamp which sneaks around a lot thieving ( Blades of Woe ) if not doing dungeons / trials Use my mouse for rotations, was forever knocking the mouse wheel during combat. Ntak Camera is brilliant it allowed me to unbound the wheel zoom in/out, thus keep my focus in battle. Presets are great, set and forget, s...
File: Bandits User Interface04/12/19
Posted By: sutex
Please consider, adding On / Off options for all "inbuilt" functionality, via setting and uncheck tick boxes in the ADDONS section for each individual function. If one function breaks the whole app may fail as you keep expanding this "all in one approach " as complexity builds up, more likely to happen, if one part can't deal wit...
File: Bandits User Interface04/11/19
after the lastest addon update I ke...
Posted By: sutex
after the lastest addon update I keep getting this error: the result is bandit crash, is gone from settings menu, and Im stuck with the stock, eso interface. tried to disable all other addons, but end upp with the same error code. user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_Statistics.lua:1549: attempt to index a nil value stack trac...
File: Bandits Loot Manager04/01/19
Posted By: sutex
Compatibility: Given your addon has the ability to make other addons redundant which have the same functionality Any thought to a 'Compatibility function checker' or even a list to avoid problems causes by plugin duplicity thanks
File: AlphaGear 202/02/18
Improvement Ideas
Posted By: sutex
The on-screen notification of what Skill set you're currently using. At the moment notification only shows if your targeting a hostile. Would like to know at anytime which Skill set is active, the notification stays on screen for a while, fades over time. Would it be possible to have the icons of the Skill set show in the noti...