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File: Unknown Insight12/23/19
-> Unknown <- Insight
Posted By: Shadowshire
FYI: the options displayed by the Unknown Insight configuration panel are not consistent with the description of the respective flags written on the ESOUI Addon Info tab for this add-on. Items which are unknown to the current character are flagged in red. Items which are known only to other characters are flagged in yellow. Items whi...
File: Furniture Catalogue12/08/19
Furniture Catalogue v. 3.54111111111
Posted By: Shadowshire
If I recall correctly, the following UI Error dialog was displayed after my character crafted Provisions: EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Templates/ScrollTemplates.lua:2050: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Templates/ScrollTemplates.lua:2050: in function 'ZO_ScrollList_RefreshVisible' user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList...
File: LibLazyCrafting12/03/19
UI Error in version 2.98 (on 2019-12-02)
Posted By: Shadowshire
After creating a glyph at an enchanting station the following UI Error dialog was displayed: user:/AddOns/LibLazyCrafting/Enchanting.lua:409: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibLazyCrafting/Enchanting.lua:409: in function 'LLC_EnchantingCraftingComplete' |caaaaaa event = 3 |r user:/A...
File: Top level potency runes filter11/30/19
Posted By: Shadowshire
Does this add-on have anything to do with the craft of Enchanting or with using the Glyphs that are created by crafting?
File: LibFsCommons11/01/19
Add-on Naming Convention for Libraries
Posted By: Shadowshire
If your contribution contains one or more files which are "library files" used by add-ons, then please begin the name of your uploaded file with "Lib" or "lib". For example: LibFsLibUtils or libFsUtils. This convention was recommended at the time uploading libraries separately from folders containing only add-on files was adopted....
File: Master Merchant10/22/19
Current version of Master Merchant -?-
Posted By: Shadowshire
On the Add-on Info tab the current version is shown as 2.2.1. However, when I use the Download feature, the name of the file is Master Merchant 2.2.0. Also, the "updated" date below the Download button is 09/08/19. Since I archive downloaded .ZIP files for the prior and the current version (respectively) of each add-on, version 2.2....
File: uespLog10/21/19
Extracting uespLog.zip > two folders
Posted By: Shadowshire
Extracting uespLog 2.10.zip to the ....\Elder Scrolls\live\Addons folder installs two folders in that folder: uespLog uespLogSalesPrices The uespLogSalesPrices folder contains only two files: uespLogSalesPrices.txt usepSalesPrices.lua Are you sure that the second folder should be installed in the /Addons folder instead of the /Ad...
File: Furniture Catalogue10/19/19
Prior version is presented for download
Posted By: Shadowshire
According to your Addon Info tab, the current version is 3.541111 (four digit 1) but the file which is currently presented for download is titled with version 3.54111 (three digit 1) -- which I downloaded and installed on 12 October 2019. Did you upload the most recent update? Or is the name of the file which contains it incorrect??...
File: Quality Sort10/11/19
Sort by Quality as #1 priority cannot be changed ??
Posted By: Shadowshire
As screenshot #3 shows (on the Addon Info tab), Quality is priority #1. There is no dropdown for priority #1. In my previous experience with this add-on, sorting by Quality as the 1st priority is useless for me, personally. Please enable the player to choose Quality with some other priority. (If I can change its priority, then how ca...
File: Zone Chat for Group Activities only09/29/19
Zone Chat PUGs
Posted By: Shadowshire
For what it is worth, zone chat is used to organize pick-up-groups (in all zones), if only to attack World Bosses. In Stormhaven, Deshaan, and Grahtwood, zone chat is used to form groups for Undaunted dungeon quests. Occasionally, zone chat is used to create a group(s) that visit the dolmens in one or more zones, too. Also, zone ch...
File: Furniture Catalogue09/28/19
Furniture Catalog 3.541
Posted By: Shadowshire
Immediately after a character loads, the following UI Error is shown in a dialog on the HUD: user:/AddOns/FurnitureCatalogue/data/AchievementVendors.lua:17: } expected (to close { at line 2) near 'if' As also reported by Pyr0xyrecuprotite
File: Toogle Error UI09/22/19
Doesn't stop all error messages ....
Posted By: Shadowshire
Frankly, I do not know which error messages that this addon will prevent from being shown. However, it does not suppress an error message output to the Chat Window and on the HUD by the addon Advanced Filters. "System" messages that are output to the Chat Window can be configured to appear in any channel chosen by the player, or no...
File: Delete Redundant Libs09/21/19
Ouput Message
Posted By: Shadowshire
When I run the executable, a command-line window is displayed, with the following lines: running in C:\Users\AccountName\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\Utilities Didn't found redundant libs. Press any key to exit>\ It is not clear: whether the program did not find any redundant libraries, or whether it could not find itself b...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated09/11/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Advanced Filters - Error upon Opening UI
Posted By: Shadowshire
Thanks for your reply. For what it might be worth: (1) For Awesome Guild Store, I chose the tab to display when the Guild Store opens as "Listings" instead of "Sell". This significantly increased the frequency of the Advanced Filters Error message, to occur about 3 out of each 4 times after I switch the UI from "Listings" t...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated09/09/19
Re: Re: Advanced Filters - Error upon Opening UI
Posted By: Shadowshire
Currently, 99 Add-ons are installed in the TESO ...\Addons folder (166 folders, of which 52 are Libraries and 15 are Master Merchant data files). They include Votan's Addon List, of course :D. A significant amount of time would be required to compose a list of all of them. At any time, one or more of the installed add-ons might not...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated09/08/19
Advanced Filters - Error upon Opening UI
Posted By: Shadowshire
When I open either the Guild Store UI via a banker, or via a Guild Trader, sometimes Advanced Filters displays a message across the HUD, directing my attention to the Chat Window Error Message that it has output: https://i.imgur.com/MIbG9LX.png https://i.imgur.com/4mXeCBX.png To read the error messages in the screenshots,...
File: FCO CraftFilter (Hide bank/hide inventory)09/02/19
Re: Re: Request for a crafting filter: Locked Items
Posted By: Shadowshire
Ever since ZOS added locked items to the crafting station UI, the list of items for deconstruction and for improvement, respectively, have been a mess. Is it possible to add a crafting station filter to toggle showing locked items or not showing them? Not really without having to overwrite the whole carfting functions, which would...
File: FCO CraftFilter (Hide bank/hide inventory)08/30/19
Request for a crafting filter: Locked Items
Posted By: Shadowshire
Ever since ZOS added locked items to the crafting station UI, the list of items for deconstruction and for improvement, respectively, have been a mess. Is it possible to add a crafting station filter to toggle showing locked items or not showing them?
File: Simple Durability08/23/19
Re: Re: Simple Durability Does Not Display Anything
Posted By: Shadowshire
Yes, the currently-installed version is 3.6 and not 5.6 (typo). .... Evidently, the reason is that the game client does not load it. It is not listed by the Addons feature on the Select Character screen, so it also never appears on the ESC > Addons list after I select a character to play. .... Hi Shadowshire I just loaded up...
File: Disable Custom Titles08/23/19
Using Disable Custom Titles
Posted By: Shadowshire
In my experience, Disable Custom Titles does not disable every custom title -- that is, while I am playing, I see characters with vaious titles which are not likely to be awarded by ZOS. Then again, the number of possible Titles which a character can have has increased so much as new features, DLCs and chapters have been released, it...
File: Simple Durability08/19/19
Simple Durability Does Not Display Anything
Posted By: Shadowshire
FYI: Simple Durability has been installed, and repeatedly updated, for at least the current and past two versions. The current version of the required library add-on is also installed, and it is loaded by the game client. However, not once has Simple Durability ever displayed anything on the Paper Doll, such as the output shown in t...
File: Crystal Fragments Proc08/15/19
When Crystal Fragments
Posted By: Shadowshire
"procs" so that its bonuses will be applied when it is used, both of the Sorcerer's hands glow (light-up). The player can easily see that it is available. So, what is the merit of this add-on?
File: Action Duration Reminder08/08/19
Version Confusion
Posted By: Shadowshire
The Addon Info tab states that the current version is 3.1.16, but the name of the file currently available for download is ActionDurationReminder-3.1.15. Have you uploaded a file for version 3.1.16 or is the Addon Info tab incorrect?
File: More Target Information08/05/19
Distribution Package
Posted By: Shadowshire
Always include a folder in the compressed file, one in which to store the add-on files. Else, they are extracted and stored in the principal .../Addons folder, and the game client will not load the add-on.
File: Bag Space Indicator08/03/19
Please add a Key-Bind ...
Posted By: Shadowshire
(1) Add a folder in the compressed file in which the addon files will be stored. Else, they are stored in the .../Addons folder itself. (2) Add a key-bind so that we can toggle whether the display is shown on the HUD. :) Also, for all amounts (especially Gold Pieces) commas in the format ddd,ddd,ddd would be nice, too.