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File: Helmet Toggle06/13/20
not work auto conbat\ofcombat
Posted By: mendisabal
its only hide my helm but did not put it back on in battle (
File: Enchanted Quality06/05/20
after greymor(
Posted By: mendisabal
user:/AddOns/EnchantedQuality/EnchantedQuality.lua:141: number expected for loop variables stack traceback: user:/AddOns/EnchantedQuality/EnchantedQuality.lua:141: in function 'QualitySet' user:/AddOns/EnchantedQuality/EnchantedQuality.lua:220: in function 'OnAddOnLoaded'
File: Static's Quickslot Profiles04/19/20
not work
Posted By: mendisabal
I donít know what I'm doing wrong, but I donít remember the slots and for a very long time switches between profiles (in which some of the slots are empty)
File: Use Ultimate Reminder04/13/20
Posted By: mendisabal
and simple , how to change the position of the notification on the screen ?
File: Info Panel04/10/20
Posted By: mendisabal
need ticket and full date too)
File: Assist Rapid Riding04/07/20
often stays on the panel Rapid Mane...
Posted By: mendisabal
often stays on the panel Rapid Maneuver and don't go back, you need to replace the tracked buff from Major Expedition to Major Gallop , because you have to get off the horse every 30 seconds In Cyrodiil .
File: Sheath Weapon03/30/20
Would it be possible to make an add...
Posted By: mendisabal
Would it be possible to make an addon that helps you always keep your weapon unsheathed? After interacting with certain things, like gathering flying insects, your character automatically sheaths their weapon. Unfortunately, if you don't unsheath it yourself, it causes a slight pause as you start combat (and try to use an ability)...
File: Quick Enchanter11/13/19
may bww conflict?
Posted By: mendisabal
its work ?
File: Bank Manager Revived - Slim Edition05/03/19
Posted By: mendisabal
hello , guild bank supported ?
File: Kill Counter04/03/19
Help me find plz
Posted By: mendisabal
This is a wonderful addon, but I found the "light" version other addon , he just formed a list of people you killed including id . I lost him and I do not remember his name , if someone uses please tell me :(
File: Quick Menu04/03/19
works great
Posted By: mendisabal
it's amazing and very convenient, but how to add a command / , or any other action which is not in the selection list ?
File: Ultimate Buff Tracker12/17/18
Posted By: mendisabal
I would like to have such a new addon ....
File: Inventory Grid View11/29/18
best addon in world)
Posted By: mendisabal
I was too proud to update user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/util.lua:90: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/util.lua:90: in function 'ReshapeSlot' user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/util.lua:193: in function 'util.ReshapeSlots' user:/AddOns/InventoryGridView/adapter.lua:450: in function 'adap...
File: PenTest10/10/18
Ooh! Never tried OmniStats, I'll in...
Posted By: mendisabal
Ooh! Never tried OmniStats, I'll install that and see if it works for me, fingers crossed :) no , it not works :mad: I haven't come in for a long time , and this addon seems amazing to me , I asked another developer about a lot of this addon , please read http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1771-ImprovisedHealthbar.html#comment...
File: Emomento10/10/18
Posted By: mendisabal
would be nice support LovelyEmotes http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1890-LovelyEmotes.html
File: Cooldowns10/10/18
great work !
Posted By: mendisabal
add plz Scathing Mage ,Ravaging .... may bee ID + manual cooldown ?
File: Rulebased Inventory09/11/18
guild bank ?
Posted By: mendisabal
may bee must doo )))
File: CyroSiege09/08/18
add guild bamk plz)
Posted By: mendisabal
if you are working on an add-on please add support for the bank's guild, it will be very convenient and will help to save ap :banana:
File: Bank Manager Revived09/03/18
If anyone's interested, I've added...
Posted By: mendisabal
If anyone's interested, I've added Jewelry Crafting to my local copy. Seems fine so far. No guarantees. +1 beta test :o
File: Default Guild Bank09/03/18
Posted By: mendisabal
I was planning to leave the guilds so that my guild bank would be the first, it's a superb friend. i hawe error user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/Libs/LibAsync/LibAsync.lua:35: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfADataCollection.lua:109: table index is nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfADataCollection.lua:109: in function '(anonymous)' (tail ca...
File: Improvised Healthbar09/02/18
Don't take me the wrong way though....
Posted By: mendisabal
Don't take me the wrong way though. If you have an idea, I'll put it in the addon for you simple as that. A shield status indicator/bar sounds like a perfect idea! Any other status indicators you think should go into the bar?:) I was afraid of offending you with my harsh statements and very glad that this did not happen :o Сo...
File: Improvised Healthbar08/28/18
Posted By: mendisabal
thanks for your work friend , but I do not feel comfortable using it . for each target the number of ticks varies , ripples in the eyes and it's incomprehensible general health of target , to understand this you need to count ticks :mad: my humble wishes : 1. take a tick = 2k ,but doo bar more or less , depending on the total amou...
File: Inventory Grid View08/21/18
Posted By: mendisabal
conflicts with many add-ons, suffer, have long been accustomed to
File: TargetColor08/21/18
stamina and mana bar of target ?
Posted By: mendisabal
your addon shows stamina and mana of target ? in contrast to others that show only health ?
File: Bank Manager Revived08/18/18
guild bank
Posted By: mendisabal
does not work with my guild bank , but works fine with a personal bank . please help to fix this , or advise another working addon with similar functionality , gratitude in game gold :p