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File: Constellations08/12/18
Re: user:/AddOns/Constellations/AbilityData.lua:181: unexpected symbol near '?'
Posted By: Lord Tristan
Hello, While using the latest version: user:/AddOns/Constellations/AbilityData.lua:181: unexpected symbol near '?' user:/AddOns/Constellations/Constellations.lua:561: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/Constellations/Constellations.lua:561: in function '(main chunk)' This is an error I am rece...
File: ESO Master Recipe List02/14/18
Not working with gamepad
Posted By: Lord Tristan
Hello. Thanks for the wonderful addon. I'd love this addon to work with gamepads. When I use a cooking station, this addon doesn't seem to show up, except when I try to exit the cooking station, then it throws an error: user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/MasterRecipeList.lua:1524: attempt to index a nil value (then stack tracebac...
File: AutoInvite01/15/18
Re: Can you change the command?
Posted By: Lord Tristan
Firstly thank you very much for the addon, it is simply wonderful and helps a lot, I would like to know if you can change the command to invite the player to the group by another command eg /w Would you like to tell me where it's possible to do this in the code ? You can do this using Harven's Aliases. Once installed, you can se...
File: Zolan's Slash Commands09/04/17
Additional slash commands
Posted By: Lord Tristan
I'm a gamer that prefers my DS4 controller, and use my keyboard to enter commands. When I want to talk with people, I am prepared to use the keyboard. I wish there were some commands such as: /f - Show online friends /f | - add friend /f x | - select friend to whisper t...