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File: AUI - Advanced UI03/18/23
Update for update 35?
Posted By: tabbers
I was wondering if anything is in the works to update this for update 35? Thank you :)
File: AUI - Advanced UI PT-BR Patch03/16/23
Is this a patch for update 37?
Posted By: tabbers
I was just wondering if this would patch AUI for update 37. The plugin has no information about what it is, so I thought I would ask.
File: ESO Farm-Buddy12/14/22
Hi, I'm new to this mod. I wanted t...
Posted By: tabbers
Hi, I'm new to this mod. I wanted to track the Scaly item from Public Dungeon. I'm sure I'm using this wrong but I need help. I type /efb track then I go into my inventory and "link item in chat" and push enter I then get an error message about the item is invalid. I tried this with another item from my crafting bag but I...
File: AUI - Advanced UI08/25/18
Errors on Character Skills screen, Quick slots, Character Load
Posted By: tabbers
Hi I really like using this addon but I'm having errors pop up - here are the codes I've gathered so far. user:/AddOns/AUI/functions/Events.lua:570: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AUI/functions/Events.lua:570: in function 'AUI.LoadEvents' user:/AddOns/AUI/AUI.lua:134: in function 'AUI_OnLoad' |caaaa...