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File: RaidNotifier Updated06/14/20
Bane Tracker
Posted By: Awana4kids
Does Raid Notifier track the bane from Z'maja's shade during execute in cloudrest? If so, where is that option to turn on. I can't seem to find it.
File: Auto Guild Welcome08/14/19
Is there a way to change when the m...
Posted By: Awana4kids
Is there a way to change when the message goes out. Mine evidently goes out when someone is invited, not when someone actually accepts the invite.
File: Advanced Member Tooltip08/12/19
Hello, I am also getting this error...
Posted By: Awana4kids
Hello, I am also getting this error since the update. Seems to happen more frequently when I am on roster user:/AddOns/AdvancedMemberTooltip/AdvancedMemberTooltip.lua:329: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AdvancedMemberTooltip/AdvancedMemberTooltip.lua:329: in function 'AMT.requestData' EsoUI/Li...
File: Roomba - Guildbank Stacker03/16/19
Re: Re: Saved variables lib
Posted By: Awana4kids
Just found out that the saved variables lib stops game from loading therefore making roomba inactives as cannot select that lib as it crashes game as well. yeah this is happaning to me as well Has anyone found a workaround for getting Roomba to work? Someone in one of my guilds says theirs works, but not sure how they got past the...
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/25/19
Before anybody asks. Thank you fo...
Posted By: Awana4kids
Before anybody asks. Thank you for letting us know! And I'm glad to hear that this addon doesn't go away, and you can still improve further upon the new vanilla functionality. :) Thank you! I just hope this addon will bring back the option to search for traits/motifs i don't have unlocked yet. Major useful thing right ther...