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File: rChat05/24/20
account CP
Posted By: firvain
any chance to get CP with account name? or is it somewhere i am missing? thx for addon/continuation
File: Bandits User Interface04/20/20
is there a way to make ricochet sku...
Posted By: firvain
is there a way to make ricochet skull or similar skills count show inside the action bar? now i have to make widget thx
File: Wykkyd Loot Manager09/28/14
filter options
Posted By: firvain
any chance we could get loot filter option in the future? thx for your addons:D without them game is simply unplayable
File: CombatAnalytics08/18/14
Posted By: firvain
Great addon thx very much for your effort! A small bug maybe related to your addon http://prntscr.com/4e5eru
File: AlphaTools06/21/14
@rotatorkuf: If the buttons disapea...
Posted By: firvain
@rotatorkuf: If the buttons disapear you do something wrong. Press (standard key) to use these buttons. This happens to me also deleted savedvars the same only way is to press . then open setting and re-enable the buttons then they reappear but have to do this every signle time
File: AlphaTools06/21/14
UI errors
Posted By: firvain
http://prntscr.com/3v1kop http://prntscr.com/3v1kop and thx for the additions:D EDIT: after some relogs error stopped Did i mentioned GREAT work ?:) EDIT2: the equip - skill buttons dissapear when in mouse mode - is this intented?
File: AlphaTools06/18/14
Thanks for feedback, Coords and Tim...
Posted By: firvain
Thanks for feedback, Coords and Time is known, will be fixed next release including french translation (thanks to Khiller). Some display-errors are fixed and changes to the LootWindow will be applied. FPS will be included, XP percent too. Something else what should displayed in the InfoBar ? since u mention it a horse timer...
File: AlphaTools06/17/14
Time and Coords
Posted By: firvain
http://prntscr.com/3tungs time and coords not displaying aslo any chance we get fps up there? Thx for your time and effort!
File: Combat Cloud (Discontinued)06/15/14
target health
Posted By: firvain
tymv for the work you put into this addon is there a way to get a msg for the target health<25% for execute abilities?