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File: Votan's Minimap01/17/20
What is the "you" setting under the...
Posted By: JedderDi_322
What is the "you" setting under the Votan's Mini Map Pin Sizes options supposed to do? Whether it's 2% or 200%, nothing about my minimap changes. I thought it would change the size of the player's arrow on the map, but it doesn't. Is it bugged?
File: Destinations01/11/20
Save My Sanity And Allow Us To Have Full Account-Wide Settings?
Posted By: JedderDi_322
Could we PLEASE get an option for full account-wide settings? For those of us that use the exact same settings on all of our characters. While other people could choose to stick with how you have the settings saved now.
File: Circonians Addon Selector11/18/19
Re: Bug
Posted By: JedderDi_322
With the newest update, I can't save changes to any of my "packs". The save button stays greyed out and unusable. https://i.imgur.com/FuGwq3N.png Also can no longer use the ESC key to leave the addon's UI. :confused: Same problem here.
File: Group Notifications11/16/19
@CaptainBlagbird - I've been using...
Posted By: JedderDi_322
@CaptainBlagbird - I've been using the version Baertram worked on for 6 days now, and it works wonderfully. Please post this version as an update.
File: ToxicPlayers11/09/19
Account-Wide Settings, Please.
Posted By: JedderDi_322
Please give us the option to make all of ToxicPlayers's settings account-wide.
File: Joker - Jokes, Rolls, Ready Checks, Riddles and More!09/03/19
Hey, this is Amber1019's fiancee. I...
Posted By: JedderDi_322
Hey, this is Amber1019's fiancee. It finally reproduced the error she talked about. Got the error after using /reloadui. Sorry, I meant to copy it so I could paste the error here, but I forgot and dismissed it. :( It automatically put a joke in my chat and I accidentally press enter! lol! I'm so used to pressing Enter to gain co...
File: Votan's Addon List07/03/19
1.6.1 is bugged
Posted By: JedderDi_322
I cannot view my add-ons list since update 1.6.1. This is the error I receive: bad argument #2 to 'string.format' (string expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'string.format' user:/AddOns/LibVotansAddonList/Main.lua:189: in function 'checkDependency' |caaaaaa masterList = tbl, data = tbl, i = 16, dependen...