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File: Votan's Addon List09/14/19
Re: new version and suspicious path
Posted By: votan
I updated to the latest version, and suddenly i had two addons pointed as on the picture below https://i.ibb.co/R39myXk/Screenshot-20190913-134837-cr.jpg - Harvestmap - Mastermerchant With the new version, there was something strange as most of the addons were regrouped under the Library file they were depending. Though...
File: Votan's Minimap09/13/19
Re: Camera View?
Posted By: votan
Any chance of you adding a camera view to the player pin that's separate from the player pin's view angle? For example, the player pin could be pointing to the east, but my camera is looking behind my character, to the west. And it would be great if I could see this on the minimap. Examples from Fyrakin's Minimap in spoiler: (No...
File: Votan's Addon List09/10/19
Hello, I installed this addon with...
Posted By: votan
Hello, I installed this addon with minion, hoping to get the addon-list in a more readable way and to discover orphan or missing libraries. But its nowhere to be found, beside in minion. If I log into my chars its not under votan addons (I own several). Is this a sign that another addon conflicts (if so, how do I find it out?) or...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)09/07/19
Re: Can't find solution for
Posted By: votan
user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:2578: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:2578: in function 'PotMaker.initWindows' user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:3045: in function 'AddonLoaded' |caaaaaa eventCode = 65536, addOnName = "PotionMaker", la...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)09/06/19
Re: UI Error
Posted By: votan
cant find a solution for: user:/AddOns/PotionMaker_v5.3.10/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:1753: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/PotionMaker_v5.3.10/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:1753: in function 'PotMaker.findDoablePotions' user:/AddOns/PotionMaker_v5.3.10/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:218...
File: Unit Frames Rebirth (incl. Pet)09/04/19
Re: Addition of level
Posted By: votan
Is there a possibility of adding the addition of level or CP level depending if below 50 to the unit frames near the name. As a healer I find this useful to know how squishy someone might be in a given situation. I've seen other full UI packs that have this feature but really just want a simple addon that keeps the default UI inta...
File: HomeStationMarker09/04/19
i was looking forward to this addon...
Posted By: votan
i was looking forward to this addon, but it doesnt seem to show me anything at all in my guilds house. do you have to have decorator access for this to work? Did you interact with them?
File: Votan's Group Pins09/04/19
I guess there's no hope for this to...
Posted By: votan
I guess there's no hope for this to work with Fyrakin's Minimap, huh? :( If you know what I could add or delete from Fyrakin's Minimap lua just to make this addon compatible with it, that would be super cool. Well, it is not my fault, if Fyrakin's pins do not implement the same functions as the real pins. The pin should provide it...
File: Votan's Minimap09/01/19
I got this bug many times. Markers...
Posted By: votan
I got this bug many times. Markers got bugged and start showing something else in the map. Here what i got in Battlegournd for example https://i.ibb.co/YDzgJJj/Capture.png I have seen this, too. And I have no idea yet. Any chance of you adding a camera view to the player pin that's separate from the player pin's view angle?...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)08/30/19
Doing poison master writ. When I pr...
Posted By: votan
Doing poison master writ. When I press "Writs" button, the addon is switching from poison tab to potion tab and start searching there (of course, unsuccessfully). Version: 5.7.4, english language. P.S. I have no problems with potion master writs, however. I check that. As soon as I have a poison writ quest. /edit: Sorry, I can n...
File: Rare Fish Tracker08/29/19
Re: not working areas
Posted By: votan
is there a way to see what i've already caught in Bal Foyen or the other areas that don't work? Bal Foyen does not count towards the achievement. So, the addon can not know, if you have caught it already or not. If you want to see what you have caught in any zone, use Fisherman's slash-command /vf
File: Votan's Darker Nights08/27/19
Re: Moving Add-Ons to Addons standard
Posted By: votan
can we move this to Addons from Add-Ons in Settings menu? I saw you're using a different library, but it just makes a longer drop down now. I love this addon though good job :) Use this please: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info937-HarvensAStoLAMadapter.html
File: Circonians Addon Selector08/26/19
Re: side effects?
Posted By: votan
After installing code65536's LootLog I wanted to add it to my Raid-List. I noticed this "sublisting" https://i.imgur.com/YOZ6Ong.jpg I have to say: Dryzlers LoreBooks (beta) was listed as a sublisting of Kyoma LoreBooks from the day I installed it. After installing LootLog Dryzlers LoreBooks (beta) was seen as a sublisting...
File: Votan's Improved Multicraft08/23/19
thx for your addon. but again they...
Posted By: votan
thx for your addon. but again they keep that refine quantity set to max by default if you leaved station and enter it bck. what a stupid and bitchy company after all posts on forum they still injoy when ppl making mistakes and lost tones of mats. just make it possible to have set it to min by default no matter what and that would be...
File: Votan's Improved Multicraft08/23/19
Ha. :) They (ZOS) addressed some th...
Posted By: votan
Ha. :) They (ZOS) addressed some things already. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/490765/pc-mac-patch-notes-v5-1-7 But there are still some things left to improve. We all see.
File: Votan's Minimap08/22/19
Some settings aren't applied to the...
Posted By: votan
Some settings aren't applied to the global profile/account wide such as: - Show in Combat - Show at Siege which forces me to manually enable those settings on every alt. Yes, all Show* settings are player-based. And that is intended. Different characters for different use cases. You could use notepad on the saved-variable...
File: Votan's Improved Multicraft08/21/19
Hey Votan, Nice to see you made...
Posted By: votan
Hey Votan, Nice to see you made a new "Votan's Improved" for Multicraft. Will you try to add the below two mini-features in the future? :) MultiCraft-AndAll - Comments] Anyway, I feel there are 2 Multicraft mini-features that lacks in the new multiple craft management: - The posibility to type the quantity we want to craft...
File: Lost Treasure08/18/19
Try this: ... Cool, a couple...
Posted By: votan
Try this: ... Cool, a couple questions (not really familiar with LUA or ESO api): 1. why did my workaround matching on "rawName" work for French version but not German? 2. do you gain efficiency by removing one level of nested "for" loop in favour of preparing and using "treasures" lookup? 1. Did not check why. Maybe some...
File: Lost Treasure08/18/19
dont work for the german client and...
Posted By: votan
dont work for the german client and version. Try this: if LT.dirtyPins then local treasures = nil local bagCache = SHARED_INVENTORY:GetOrCreateBagCache(BAG_BACKPACK) for slotIndex, itemData in pairs(bagCache) do if itemData.itemType == ITEMTYPE_TROPHY then treasures = treasures or {}...
File: Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings08/17/19
Re: compatible with
Posted By: votan
Hi, do this addson not compatible with "BanditUI Info Panel"? I enable them both but it seems like this adds get override by "BanditUI Info Panel". viewdistance not showing. https://ibb.co/DkrL4zw If you mean "Info Panel" from @Hoft: Exactly. The view distance conflicts with it. I offered an API to be able to add it to Info Pa...
File: Votan's Map Pin Colors08/16/19
Re: Group / Party Member Colors
Posted By: votan
We can change our (Player) color but is it possible to change the color of the Crown and Group members on the map as well? So many white icons getting lost in a sea of white icons. I was able to change them on the mini maps, just wondering about the larger map as well. Thanks for the consideration. You mean this: Votan's Group Pins?
File: MultiCraft - And All08/15/19
Re: Multicraft future…
Posted By: votan
Feel free to let me know what you think. Cheers, N'Tak' There are a few things, which came into my mind. the multicraft auto switches to maximum for refinement, and resets after execution. It may should remember the choosen value. For creation the multicraft value is shared accoss the big three stations. If you craft two sword...
File: Votan's Minimap08/14/19
I'm also crashing ESO every time I...
Posted By: votan
I'm also crashing ESO every time I try to adjust the Mounted Zoom Scale. So it does seem to affect all, or at least several, settings. Is it version 1.6.2 or was it version 1.6.1?
File: Rare Fish Tracker08/12/19
Re: Bal Foyen Not working correctly?
Posted By: votan
My tracker not working in Bal Foyen, nothing shows in the list to track? TIA QM Bal Foyen and Betnikh do not count for a long time already. 6 areas like AD, only.
File: Bait Counter08/10/19
Re: Incompatibilities
Posted By: votan
This addon doesn't work if any of the following addons are enabled: Countess Quester NTak Loot'n'Steal No Interact No, thank you! Would it be possible to make this addon compatible with all of them? Thanks. Yes, I check that.