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File: Scootworks Items (group Loot, auto mark items, auto sell junk, auto repair at vendor)05/28/20
Re: Re: Thank you
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Is it possible to have a research field where I could search a set by name ? It would be very useful. Votans Search Box
File: PerfectPixel05/28/20
Well, it is only valid for a few da...
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Well, it is only valid for a few days but the purpose of "using the forum search" should have been clear, right? :rolleyes: Just search for "too many anchors" and use the 3rd search result "manually" please, or do I need to do it and post the search link here again, so it is not valid anymore after 3 days? :D Try the forum search...
File: Crafting Material Level Display Updated05/28/20
Well it already got the sorting at...
Posted By: Baertram
Well it already got the sorting at crafting and retrait :confused: You simply need to enable them in the settings, maybe... Got a dejavu: I remember having answered the same here, or somewhere else, some weeks ago. And before you say it does not work: Just tested it ingame with 60 other addons active. Works great at jewelry...
File: FCO ChangeStuff05/28/20
Yep, saw it in the forum post and u...
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Yep, saw it in the forum post and updated it.
File: Quiet Mounts05/28/20
Please remove LibStub calls in your...
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Please remove LibStub calls in your addon! local LAM2 = LibAddonMenu2 or LibStub("LibAddonMenu-2.0") It's obsolete and not needed anymore. Make sure to add ## DependsOn: LibAddonMenu-2.0>=28 and you won't need any LibStub in your addons anymore.
File: Vampire Info05/28/20
Re: Not working with Greymoor?
Posted By: Baertram
As the vampire system and buffs changed in total this could be, yes. As I find the time I'll look into this. Hi! Could be I am doing something wrong, but the addon doesn't seem to work anymore with the latest Greymoor update: it shows the wrong stage and also the timer seems to be off. Any help is appreciated! https://drive.go...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated05/28/20
Either update the addon as you got...
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Either update the addon as you got an old version. Or you need to disable the debug mode in the AF addon settings. please tell me how to remove spam from this chat message? insertAddonorBaseAdvencedFilters Submenu-group Name:All subfilterNameLocal: All: isBaseAdvancedFilters Submenu: False
File: pChat05/28/20
Re: Re: Re: pChat unable to view typed
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Thanks for the feedback. Any chance you can tell us which other addons were disabled that are chat related? Maybe I can add them to the incompatiblity list. Not getting this error message. What pChat version are you using and what LibChatMessage versiona re you using? Please LOGOUT and delete both addons, reinstall them. Then l...
File: CyrHUD05/28/20
Re: RE: Baertram
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Hey Aldericon, Attention please: This was not tested yet: table.insert(self.statusBars, self.ScoringBar) Thanks for the notes Baertram, I'll change it out when I update the addon this weekend.
File: Advanced Filters - Updated05/27/20
Re: Group Repair Kits
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Thanks, will add them. Group Repair Kits were added in a recent festival. They do not show up in the Repair submenus. I added ITEMTYPE_GROUP_REPAIR in the table elements located on lines 716, 1744 and 1756 of the data.lua file and that seems to be all that is needed to add them to the Repair submenu. Thanks for this great ad...
File: LibDialog - Custom confirmation dialog with 2 buttons05/27/20
Hi, Baertram! Have you known a simi...
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Hi, Baertram! Have you known a similar library, but with a edit string dialog? Nope, sorry. Edit: Found the editBox in dialog source here: https://github.com/esoui/esoui/blob/0569f38e70254b4e08a5eab088c4ce5e7e46be55/esoui/libraries/zo_dialog/zo_dialog.lua#L593 Seems one could add it to each dialog so we could add it to LibDi...
File: FCO ItemSaver05/27/20
Re: More Named Categories?
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Sticky post on top -> FAQ -> Dynamic icons -> Use as gear :D Not sure why the dynamic icons do not work well for you as they are the same like the other icons, only with way more possibilities. I'm not going to add new "fixed gear" icons as the dynamic icons can and must be used for this purpose. If you enable them to be used as...
File: pChat05/27/20
Re: pChat unable to view typed
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Not getting this error message. What pChat version are you using and what LibChatMessage versiona re you using? Please LOGOUT and delete both addons, reinstall them. Then login and check their versions shown are the newest ones. Delete ANY libChat (libChat, libChat2, libChat3) you still got in your AddOns folder! Delete/disable...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated05/26/20
:confused: Why should you even use...
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:confused: Why should you even use an old verison NOW? The bugs are fixed, update was posted already yesterday morning. And why should an addon disable otther addons? It' cant! Only the dependencies of other addons can disable them in the addon manager, check this thread and read why: https://www.esoui.com/forums/showthread.php?t=...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated05/25/20
Just wait, it needs approval. The d...
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Just wait, it needs approval. The download link tell you this: The latest version of this file is currently awaiting approval from a file admin. The site sometimes shows the new version already even though the approval was not done yet. A bit missleading, yes. But aalways has been that way. You can click the download link and...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)05/25/20
I got to ask why? I love this mod,...
Posted By: Baertram
I got to ask why? I love this mod, but why make people manually add a Library, it now ruins the automated process. This was not meant to happen I think and I just provided information how you are abel to fix it until Votan finds the time to do so. Beside that: Libraries were alwaysmeant to be not included and should be install...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated05/25/20
AF fixes the wrong LibMotif...
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AF fixes the wrong LibMotifCategories version (sorry, I had tested locally with a newer one but it's still buggy and got no time to fix it. Forgot to remove the version from the manifest aof AF again) and closes the debuig message into an if (like it should have been).
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)05/24/20
Posted By: Baertram
THIS TIME EVEN BIGGER SO YOU GUYS READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST "LibAlchemyStation" and others are missing... :eek: Either you wait for a fix by votan or you can help yourself this way: All libs needed for the addon are missing in the subfolder libs so you need to install them as standalone libraries directly into your AddOns folder:...
File: CyrHUD05/24/20
I tried to look into this but your...
Posted By: Baertram
I tried to look into this but your error message is missing the "expanded" variables so I'm not sure which of the variables in the line 261 is nil. Next time please post the complete error message including the variable names and values. This will help a lot. As I'm not playing pvp I'm not able to check myself so I can only guess...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated05/23/20
Re: Re: Re: Jewelry Traits
Posted By: Baertram
A already had a version rdy to test from some weeks ago where I started to add support for internal AF submenu dropdown filters as well (not only by addons) but it needs some more tests. As it work I'll release an update and you can deactivate the FCO item trait filter plugin again then, or use both. Whatever you want :p I can ad...
File: Auto Handle Shared Quests05/23/20
Thanks, will do.
Posted By: Baertram
Thanks, will do.
File: Group Notifications05/23/20
Thanks CaptainBlagbird, will do so...
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Thanks CaptainBlagbird, will do so :D @Baertram: Thanks for helping out! I've added you as a contributor so you can upload the fixed version directly to the page :banana:
File: Stow It Auto-Sheather05/23/20
Re: Re: Re: spam messages in chat
Posted By: Baertram
A screenshot or details like the weapon change would help next time, thanks :p Maybe tell me what spam messages in detail? Could help to find them quicker :confused: Edit: Found it. Couldn't copy from the chat, so no text :) When changing weapons, there were system messages ( yellow). Approximately: "weapon 1, weapon 2, so...
File: FCO Ultimate Sound05/23/20
Re: Hey, small request
Posted By: Baertram
This addon is related to ultimates not synergies. Please ask the authors of the synergy related addons to add it or simply edit any addon you got, which is not updated that often, search for event_add_on_loaded and in the line there is a function name at the end, e.g. EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(FCOUS.addonVars.gAddonName, EVE...
File: FCO ItemSaver05/23/20
Re: Re: Re: update
Posted By: Baertram
Okay, found the problem, fix is coming. I have the same issue, and tried the reinstall LibCustomMenu - which did not change anything. After update to version 1.9.3 item context menu is broken. Version: 1.9.2 works. Update/Reinstall LibCustomMenu please to the newest version and always keep the libraries/dependencies for y...