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File: Action Duration Reminder09/13/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: memory leak
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Maybe I have found the reason but i'm going out. There are 2 bugs that combines to eat a lot of mem during combat but can recover after combat. I will fix them when I get home. Thank you for the amount of effort and time you put into this project! One of my most endeared addons for eso!
File: Action Duration Reminder09/12/19
Re: Re: Re: memory leak
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I don't speak English, translated into Google Translator There is a memory leak when using this add-on. I checked the memory occupancy with the Info Panel add-on. Add-on memory share increases when using Dummy Attack. If you use Alta skill in a lot of mobs, severe lag occurs. Add-on memory goes up to the limit when using...
File: Action Duration Reminder08/23/18
Changeable Icon Opacity
Posted By: FrostytheBowman
Is there a way to have the icons on the switchbar be fully invisible? Id like for only the numbers of the remaining cooldown to be displayed in order to save some space :D