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File: Cleaner HUD08/13/18
Re: gamepad ui
Posted By: eromelcm
hello can you make this work with gamepad UI? on my PC does look right. I like the font your using the gamepad font is horrible. I'll look into adding gamepad UI support. Unfortunately, it's quite a bit more effort to modify both keyboard and gamepad versions.
File: Inventory Grid View05/17/18
Re: Home storage
Posted By: eromelcm
I was hoping that you could add grid view to home storage chests. Any updates on that? You can enable it by adding one of line of code to the main.lua file in Inventory Grid View. Just have to add it on about line 104 after all the other "hookFragment" function calls. hookFragment(HOUSE_BANK_FRAGMENT, 8)
File: Cleaner HUD06/30/17
Hello everyone, I finally got aroun...
Posted By: eromelcm
Hello everyone, I finally got around to updating for Morrowind, made some small adjustments, and fixed a few issues. I know people would like an options panel for this addon, and I would like to add it. However, real life is very busy for me at the moment and I can't make any promises. Given this addon is just visual changes, I don't...