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File: Bandits Gear Manager08/21/19
settings for upequipping are being...
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settings for upequipping are being reset automatically Was fixed in version: 2.18 updated...seems to be working now. Thanks!
File: Bandits Gear Manager08/21/19
With the gear manager open, when I...
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
With the gear manager open, when I switch between K and I (skills and inventory) and back again, it moves the manager window around. If I try to move it manually, it doesn't remember the positioning. Can you make it remember the positioning for each situation? Useless by my opinion. Also, when I switched between setups the Disgu...
File: Bandits User Interface (Stable version)08/20/19
Assisstants Key Binds
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
Hey Hoft, Would you please add key binds for the Banker, Merchant, & Smuggler please. I know the Banker and Merchant are on the side panel but key binds are just easier IMO. Thanks for the consideration and all the work you do on your addons. Much appreciated!
File: Mass Deconstructor08/17/19
Re: Multi-pass
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
While you are working on an update to use the new settings could I request a feature? It'd be great to see multi-pass capability when refining, giving the addon the ability to refine until complete rather than having to hit refine multiple times when refining gives you more refining to do in jewelry. Second this. I just tried...
File: PointsofColor08/16/19
Not working
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
Just installed this and all the icons from the main map were removed and the settings shows the categories but no options. Something seems to be interfering with it.
File: Votan's Map Pin Colors08/16/19
Group / Party Member Colors
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We can change our (Player) color but is it possible to change the color of the Crown and Group members on the map as well? So many white icons getting lost in a sea of white icons. I was able to change them on the mini maps, just wondering about the larger map as well. Thanks for the consideration.
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)08/15/19
Re: Re: Suggestion -
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I think you get the idea. My suggestion would be: 1. Change junk Rules to Loot Rules 2. Make Loot Rules Account Wide or have an option for them to be Account Wide 3. Loot Rule would include Quality, Level, Trait as demonstrated above, Action 1. Advanced Junk rules might come at some time, but not planned before 2.8.x 2. Is kind...
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)08/14/19
Suggestion - "Junk" Rules
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
First, my mindset when thinking about "Junk" rules: 1. More than junk, I think of them as "loot" or "pickup" - what am I thinking of doing with this item I picked up? 2. These rules differ from Banking rules in that I tend to think about items universally for the account. If it is junk to one character, it is junk to all. If this...
File: Wish List08/07/19
Re: Character option?
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If I add to my list, let's say a weapon under a certain character. Can I be on any character to get that notification? Or do I have to be on that certain character to get the notification? under the Wish List settings>Scans 'Scan all character WishLists' - turn that ON and you can be on any character.
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)08/04/19
Question about junk list
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Is the junk list per profile or account wide?
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/31/19
Will FCOIS integration be included...
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Will FCOIS integration be included in the 2.5.0 release for deposit/withdraw rules?Yes, most problably in 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 then. Which FCOIS Marks would be most important for you to have implemented first? FCOIS has 3 major categories of icons: *Normal Icons (these are predefined by the addon and consist of: Lock, Research, Sellin...
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/30/19
Based on the current options of Unk...
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Based on the current options of Unknown Recipe/Known Recipe, this would add a third option of "Unknown on other characters" or something like that.Does not exist yet, but is on my todo-list. Current high level roadmap: 2.5.0 -> PABanking Release (more advanced deposit/withdraw rules) 2.6.0 -> PALoot Release (track known reci...
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/29/19
Re: help
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How do I fix this so the addon works? https://gyazo.com/135e97c54b91ffda0bf7f60062aa748c Look at the dependency libraries you are missing for Personal Assistant v2.4.8 . Once that one is working, the rest of the Personal Assistant parts will work.
File: Bandits Gear Manager07/28/19
Appearance options update
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The new appearance options all seem to be working like a champ with the latest update. Fabulous work. Thanks for all your efforts on the addons. It definitely improves the experience of playing this game.
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/25/19
Great responsiveness to feedback an...
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Great responsiveness to feedback and bug correction. Thanks for all your efforts on this addon :)
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/23/19
Profile Max
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
The FCOIS integration is clearly a higher priority but if its not difficult any chance of increasing the profile count from 8 to 18 to allow for custom profiles for each toon on the account?
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/21/19
This is on purpose implemented like...
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
This is on purpose implemented like that. Items received from mail or crafted at a creating station are ignored by PAJunk. The assumption is that if you craft or receive something by mail that you want to keep it and not directly sell. Maybe I should make a dedicated setting for this? Yes please. I don't have an active ESO+ subscrip...
File: Wish List07/14/19
Better and better
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The new quality feature is fantastic so far in testing. The LibSets is a huge improvement. Loading sets used to take 3-5 minutes, now takes less than 10 seconds. It loaded so quickly I had to check, I thought it failed...LOL. Very nicely done.
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/14/19
Regarding FCOIS Integration
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
FCOIS has built in protection for the it's tags such as "locked" items cannot be sold, traded, etc. so you should not need to include those types of things as they are redundant. The valuable pieces of integration for this addon will be moving items about based on their tags. Perhaps a variation or expansion of your Custom Rules....
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/09/19
Maybe I could just add a dropdown w...
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
Maybe I could just add a dropdown where everyone can select their own preferred way: A) Destroy 0g junk items when looting B) Destroy 0g junk items when visiting a merchant/fence (instead of "selling" them) C) Don't destroy anything (obviously the default setting) If it isn't much trouble, what about an 'Add to destroy list' li...
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/01/19
Housing Containers
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Is it possible to include housing containers like the bank? For instance, I have one container I use to store all my surveys, another couple are used for sealed master writs. Be nice to Storage containers like banking to deposit items into those when they are accessed.
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/01/19
Re: Re: Debug Output
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
Any chance you may consider FCOItemSaver integration? This is an increasingly asked feature, and is currently competing with the possibility to track recipes, motifs etc across all characters. I'm not sure yet which one to tackle first. Klingo Selfishly, I would say FOCIS, but I would add that CraftStore already does a remarka...
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/01/19
Integration with FCOItemSaver
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
Any chance you may consider FCOItemSaver integration? Being able to create custom banking rules per toon using the FCO item tags would be a huge benefit to your already spectacular add-on. Being able to create custom rules to apply a FCO item tag based on what was looted would be outstanding. Thanks for the consideration and...
File: Bandits Gear Manager06/30/19
Ability to custom name profiles wou...
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
Ability to custom name profiles would be a nice addition. May be. BUI_Gear.lua:435 Fixed. Will be available in next update. Any idea when we should expect the next update? I am looking forward to continuing testing the changes you recently added. Many thanks.
File: Wish List06/27/19
If I understand you correctly you w...
Posted By: BringerOfOmens
If I understand you correctly you want to keep items on the wishlist but not alert if you find them? There should only be an alert if e.g. the quality + trait is a chosen one? This would be really much effort to realise. I could think about something like a context menu entry to "Keep on list but disable row" so the item is stil...