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File: Armory Export03/19/19
This is a helper addon that gathers...
Posted By: Aaxc
This is a helper addon that gathers character achievements and stores them for easier readability.
File: Medusa03/19/19
Re: Localized?
Posted By: Aaxc
Does it only work with an english client? I tried it and nothing happens. Yes, current version checks strictly location "Cloudrest". I did not know there are multiple names when I made that, but I have adjusted changes in new version already that should come out next week, once I get it tested correctly.
File: Medusa02/10/19
Thank you, I updated it and need te...
Posted By: Aaxc
Thank you, I updated it and need testers response. I have no errors, but have gotten reports of people having the addon crashes. I like it. Kind of limited use (kiter healer), but thats not a bad thing. Ok, portal open might also be really useful to check progress downstairs :D But it kept popping up errors more and more s...