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File: Combat Metrics03/15/23
Feature request
Posted By: mirrorman009
Hi, Would it be possible to add a feature to enable auto-save for selected boss fights? I am constantly forgetting to save fights when I'm in prog groups and there is information that cmx provides that esologs does not. If we could get a checklist or similar to select bosses we are interested in, and then make it auto-overwrite th...
File: Wizard's Wardrobe09/29/21
Re-allocate CP
Posted By: mirrorman009
Hi, this addon is really great, and pretty much the best available for changing setups. It would be even better, however, if it had the capability to re-allocate CP points from one slottable to another, and pay the gold fee automatically. I don't have enough CP to have five or six slottables in warfare, so I have to redistribute when...