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File: Xynode's All About Mechanics06/05/19
Just used it for the first time and...
Posted By: Juice805
Just used it for the first time and it was extremely helpful for myself and my newbie friends, thanks! That said, it would be great if it had an option to automatically hide the bar when not in a dungeon/trial.
File: AUI - Advanced UI05/22/19
(Version 2.8) Hit an error after tp...
Posted By: Juice805
(Version 2.8) Hit an error after tping within Grahtwood: user:/AddOns/AUI/modules/minimap/Pin.lua:50: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AUI/modules/minimap/Pin.lua:50: in function 'AUI_MapPin_RefreshSuggestionPins' |caaaaaa zoneId = 108, zoneCompletionType = 5, activityId = 997 |r user...
File: AUI - Advanced UI05/22/19
I am still having some errors popup...
Posted By: Juice805
I am still having some errors popup when viewing the Cyrodil map. I have attached an image with the errors. Is anyone able to figure out the problem? https://i.ibb.co/zbWq6HK/err.png For a quick fix you could remove lines 254 to 265 in AUI/modules/minimap/Pin.lua DoesAllianceHaveImperialCityAccess Isnít a valid functi...
File: AUI - Advanced UI05/21/19
Re: Solution see here
Posted By: Juice805
Go to AUI\modules\minimap\classes\MapPinClass.lua, open that in notepad and change "IsImperialCityGate()" to "IsImperialCityPin()" This is the correct fix, rather than just commenting out the line. Worked for me using all the latest versions.
File: SkyShards05/21/19
No pins on map
Posted By: Juice805
I'm not having these issues with dependencies. ESO claims the addon is loaded, but no pins appear on the map, compass, etc. and no errors. https://rntrqg.ch.files.1drv.com/y4m0VxvE-TGRfgrAkqi9HQaJlk45ho5SM16ck7EYfKu_TCnxLtJ3SuPB74zHtX5b71YhgePzFEpktueq5A-MMu6nzpufPePqkMyt6DCNmtzvw8cjcDEsGWtwZjsXAp8-05xqcD6RYUjXRocSkyJ3ycudJO_1Qz_L...
File: LorePlay - Emotes, Outfits, and more!07/20/17
Delay Emote Start
Posted By: Juice805
Love the addon! Is there a way to delay the start of idle emotes? It's starts a bit too fast for my liking. I've been looking through the files and haven't found where to make an edit. Thanks! edit: Found it, nevermind! Maybe could it be added as an in-game setting?
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker10/06/16
Can an auto-share feature be added?...
Posted By: Juice805
Can an auto-share feature be added? I often quest with my buddy and and sharing by hand for every quest is tedious. Thanks for all the hard work!
File: Wykkyd Toolbar03/17/15
Instead of the Vampirism XP bar (wh...
Posted By: Juice805
Instead of the Vampirism XP bar (which i pretty useless after getting to max, which happens pretty quick) could we please have a vampirism status indicator/timer? It would be much more useful to see how long you have until you need to feed to prevent getting to the next stage Thanks
File: AUI - Advanced UI03/05/15
In vanilla, when I use my NB abilit...
Posted By: Juice805
In vanilla, when I use my NB ability which drops armor on the target, the target bar shows cracks and looks broken. Since using AUI this effect has disappeared. Can this be brought back?
File: AUI - Advanced UI02/19/15
Love the addon! Any reason harvestm...
Posted By: Juice805
Love the addon! Any reason harvestmap pins don't show up on the minimal? Also: Thanks for this nice addon! Is it possible to add an option for saving the settings accountwide or a sync between characters? Would be very helpful. seconded
File: Weapon Charge Alert02/06/15
Vertical Bar
Posted By: Juice805
great addon! I never even think about the charges. Now maybe ill actually pay attention. A feature I would love and make this fit in better with various UI's would be the ability to set the direction in which the window expands. (i.e left to right, right to left, and vertically). Vertical would be my preference in my current UI,...
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper04/08/14
Exactly what i requested on the forums!
Posted By: Juice805
Thank you! this is exactly what i needed, i was tired of having unusable food items in my bag because i didn't want to scan my recipes. Does the job perfectly. :)