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File: Farming Party02/23/18
Thanks for this AddOn. I was lookin...
Posted By: clawe
Thanks for this AddOn. I was looking for something to track my farming sessions. This one is almost perfect. It would be nice if you could add a keybind to open highscore window and maybe add compact UI mode for solo farming. Thanks again.
File: Daily Provisioning02/16/18
UI Error
Posted By: clawe
If recipe is not learned this error pops up: user:/AddOns/DailyProvisioning/DailyProvisioning.lua:147: operator .. is not supported for nil .. string stack traceback: user:/AddOns/DailyProvisioning/DailyProvisioning.lua:147: in function 'DailyProvisioning:Crafting' (tail call): ? user:/AddOns/DailyProvisioning/DailyProvis...