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File: Info Panel01/14/18
Posted By: spindoc
Really nice addon. Shame it doesn't enable by default without having to enable the native FPS/Ping toolbar but, other than that, it's great.
File: Unboxer04/16/17
Posted By: spindoc
Nice little addon! I especially appreciate it during the anniversary event, when I'm getting anniversary and raw material boxes when I turn in my crafting dailies. Makes it so much easier.
File: EasyMurderToggle02/27/17
Re: Re: And?
Posted By: spindoc
http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info981-TroublemakerThiefandMurderer.html While I appreciate that similar mods do exist, linking to one that hasn't been updated since last April is hardly helpful. If you want to continue to support an addon that isn't being maintained that's your right - but I fail to see what purpose your comment...
File: Rare Fish Tracker12/20/16
Theres no way to fix it on my end I...
Posted By: spindoc
Theres no way to fix it on my end I assume? Thanks for the fast reply, wasn't expecting that. ~Qalie Getting the exact same error. I just installed this today, so I'm glad it's not an isolated case!
File: ggFrames07/20/15
I'm making the jump to Lui Extended...
Posted By: spindoc
I'm making the jump to Lui Extended. Creator says he was partly inspired by ggFrames and the look is very similar. It's also updated regularly.
File: Smarter AutoLoot (S.A.L.)06/30/15
Really useful mod, especially for t...
Posted By: spindoc
Really useful mod, especially for those of us who always loot bodies. In fact, unless I'm mistaken, I should be able to drop the Dustman addon, since I shouldn't be picking up any junk with SAL. No junk = more inventory space = more good useful/valuable stuff!
File: Crafting Writ Assistant06/30/15
A simple addon that is incredibly h...
Posted By: spindoc
A simple addon that is incredibly helpful! Up until now, I was memorizing the orders before I entered the crafting station.