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File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter03/22/19
Auto-Banker behaviour
Posted By: carpenteer
First off, let me just thank you for this amazing add-on! (and for making devilishly clever mazes!) I love the automatic banker dialog feature - and when it (recently?) started even unsummoning Tythis I was initially confused but quickly grew to love that as well. Only now Tythis is getting resummoned immediately after he disapp...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/20/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Question about Hide UI
Posted By: carpenteer
but the label Homeowner label doesn't remember its position? Hmm. Does it remember roughly where you placed it and it just shifts or does it completely snap back to wherever it was before you moved it? It jumps back to what I assume is the new default location - the top left corner of the screen. Also, what happens if you m...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/18/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Question about Hide UI
Posted By: carpenteer
I'm guessing possibly both recent MiniMap add-ons by Votan and Fyrakin (?) I can tell you that Votan's Minimap works just fine with your overridden UI toggle :banana: I *am* having difficulty with the new House / Owner label that is displayed while I'm in any home that has a custom House Name FX configured... it will NOT...
File: NoAccidentalStealing (+no accidental casting)03/09/19
awesome update!
Posted By: carpenteer
Thanks for the update! If you ever get around to it, I have a small-ish feature request of sorts: An option to hide the added instructional text below Steal would be great. Right now, I've amateurishly disabled this in the LUA, but an official solution is always preferable, I think. :) Funny, I do the exact same thing! Lo an...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/07/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Portals
Posted By: carpenteer
I Got the Calibrated but what does the Return Portal do and how does it work? I cant seem to do anything with it except place it. The Return Portal teleports you to the entrance of the house you are in.
File: Essential Housing Tools03/05/19
Daaaaamn, Cardi! I update to 11.2....
Posted By: carpenteer
Daaaaamn, Cardi! I update to 11.2.0 before work, all excited for customizable portals later, only to get home and find 11.3.0 is out?!? ..with even MOAR customizable FX?!?!? You are the bee's knees <3
File: Essential Housing Tools02/13/19
latest update
Posted By: carpenteer
- Reworked the following effects to improve quality and overall particle density, particularly when the effect is stretched to cover a large area: * Snowfall, Lighting * Snowfall, Moderate * Snowfall, Heavy YES!! Thanks, Cardigan ;-P
File: AlphaGear 211/25/18
Love the addon - have a suggestion
Posted By: carpenteer
Recently took the dive and switched (upgraded!) from Dressing Room to your amazing addon. I only have one minor quibble, and then a suggestion. Why does AlphaGear not save the disguise/tabard slot along with the rest of your gear? I have a setup for PVP and liked having my guild tabard automatically equip when I switched to th...
File: EasyMurderToggle11/23/18
Awesome addon! It's very helpful, s...
Posted By: carpenteer
Awesome addon! It's very helpful, swapping from DB / Thieving to normal play with just a button. Personally, I'd take out the toggle chat notifications, but that seems like it's solved by just deleting this line of code from the LUA: To bring it in line with the other toggles. Haven't tested yet, as I'm about to go to bed and...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter10/22/18
Re: Auto-using writ loot
Posted By: carpenteer
I'm not sure if this is because I deleted variables when reinstalling (I didn't see a setting for it), but after I updated today I noticed that when auto-looting the writ reward containers, it also attempts to use the items like recipes and surveys - ended up learning a recipe on a non-crafter, and the survey map popped onto my scree...
File: Magic Carpet05/15/18
Love this addon!!
Posted By: carpenteer
Truly a game-changer when building complex structures, and fun as hell to just zip around getting a bird's eye view! Would you be open to adding more objects to the list of detected "carpets" to use? I took a look at the code, but I'm not sure how you arrive at the various bits of data for each furnishing item.
File: Map Pins03/30/18
Loving all the additions, but...
Posted By: carpenteer
Is there a way to clean up the treasure chest data? The most recent update added a LOT of redundant pins - as in 2-4 pins practically overlapping on the map that must be the same chest that was opened and logged from slightly different player positions. It makes the map so cluttered with little chest icons that it distracts from ev...
File: Dressing Room Reborn03/22/18
Another player in this boat
Posted By: carpenteer
The "Additional Pages" update caused some text overlap for the way I setup this addon. Is there anything you can do about this? Maybe add an option to just disable the use of pages. I'm not sure if there is overlap when using the extended panel setup. https://i.imgur.com/1giHrX1.png I'll just hide the title for players using only 1...
File: Map Pins03/08/18
two things
Posted By: carpenteer
1. the sporadic "too many chests" thing is happening again. Hard to nail it down, but it *seems* related to change between zone map and smaller regional maps (like in a city) 2. in Vvardenfel, there's no map pin for Enchanter Survey. The map pin should be around 44.13x24.49
File: Map Pins03/04/18
Re: Re: Not clean
Posted By: carpenteer
Fixed Thanks!!
File: Map Pins03/03/18
Re: Not clean
Posted By: carpenteer
See what happens when traveling around Tamriel and then open the map somewhere... https://www2.pic-upload.de/thumb/34934316/Screenshot_20180303_135110.jpg :eek: I'm having the same problem now. If I toggle off chests in the filters MOST of them stay on the map. If I then /reloadui they all disappear, but if chests pins are enabl...
File: Map Pins03/02/18
Love it!
Posted By: carpenteer
Great addon, love how lightweight it is! Would love to see you add some more things, such as werewolf/vampire shrines and the world quest spots like for Lightbringer or I Like M'aiq.
File: ESO Master Recipe List03/02/18
Posted By: carpenteer
Thank you for taking the time to update this superb addon! Hope all is well, and that you find your way back to Tamriel eventually! :-)
File: Inventory Insight02/27/18
Let me say that I really appreciate...
Posted By: carpenteer
Let me say that I really appreciate all the hard work that has and continues to go into this addon. It has made it onto my must-haves list due to its amazing utility. I have no doubt that they will eventually get all of these issues sorted out and working again without errors. For the time being, I have rolled back to 2.19 (pre Drag...
File: Inventory Insight02/27/18
CLEAN install of 3.09b
Posted By: carpenteer
Played for a few hours last night with this addon uninstalled, saved vars deleted. Noticed an update today, clean install and: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: in function 'IIfA:InventorySlotUpdate' user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:68: in function...
File: Inventory Insight02/26/18
3.09a same bug
Posted By: carpenteer
user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: in function 'IIfA:InventorySlotUpdate' user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:68: in function 'IIfA_InventorySlotUpdate' should I be uninstalling and deleting saved variables each time an update is pushed?
File: Inventory Insight02/25/18
Posted By: carpenteer
user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: in function 'IIfA:InventorySlotUpdate' user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:68: in function 'IIfA_InventorySlotUpdate' happens when depositing into the bank and selling junk to a vendor, so far.
File: Inventory Insight02/25/18
Item count bug with latest version
Posted By: carpenteer
As of 3.09, this addon is only reporting one stack worth of an item (for example 200 soul gems) when you have more than one full stack in the bank/guild bank. https://i.imgur.com/7BsDBaz.jpg
File: Inventory Insight02/22/18
Items count not updating at logout?
Posted By: carpenteer
For example, when I do the daily writs on a character and deposit things like empty soul gems and repair kits in the bank then get to next character and the tooltip on such items will claim that they are BOTH in the bank and still in the first character's inventory. Log back into the first character, check inventory - nope does not...
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/21/18
No search history?
Posted By: carpenteer
When interacting with a guild trader, the search history part of the UI is just not there? Tried reloading the UI.