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File: Tamriel Trade Centre09/18/18
Login Required
I'm getting the same popup as everyone else stating I need to login but get no login box as I did before.
File: SmartCast - Fast and accurate ground targeting05/25/18
Addon Interferes With Map Dragging When Zoomed In
Noticed this after installing addon. Press "M", open the map, zoom in a bit and drag the map as if you would normally to look for something specifically. With the addon enabled this is almost impossible to do. The mouse crosshairs don't seem to "grab" the map to move it properly. Disabled the addon and I can now zoom in and dr...
File: Lui Extended04/25/18
Please add the ability to change the Info Panel Size
Morning and thank you for this addon. I have been using it for a very long time and appreciate it immensely. Please add the ability to adjust the Info Panel into the latest version. Thanks again!
File: Weapon & Spell Power Tracker12/22/17
Thank you very much for updating this!
I cannot tell you how much I rely on this addon. It is very nice being able to see weapon and spell power actively changing during the game and knowing what caused it. Thanks!
File: ESO Master Recipe List11/13/17
Re: Error Message
user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/bin/SetupFormat.lua:121: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/bin/SetupFormat.lua:121: in function 'modifyTitle' user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/bin/SetupFormat.lua:131: in function 'hookFunction' EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_Hook.lua:19: in function 'GetTitle_or...
File: AI Research Grid08/21/17
All is working well now after insta...
All is working well now after installing the latest update. Thanks so much! Fantastic addon!
File: AI Research Grid08/20/17
For the lag bug, in fact it comes f...
For the lag bug, in fact it comes from ZOS. i've reported it. Because it's a trivial feature of AIRG, i've disabled it while they fix it. For the Lua errors, I've maybe an idea, but I would like first you to download this new version. (and if it's what I think, it's another ZOS change). Thank you for the quick response. I jus...
File: AI Research Grid08/20/17
Massive Stutter During Fights In Dungeons
Updated as soon as this update was available and all looked well. Entered Elden Hollow II dungeon with 3 others and as soon as the fighting started I had massive stutter. Made it through the dungeon and then deactivated the addon and reloaded UI. No stutter. Tried it again just to be sure and same results. Not sure what is...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre06/18/17
TTC Server Is Down For A Short While
The author posted that the server is down. Hopefully it will be up and running in a day or so. This is why everyone is getting errors.
File: Tamriel Trade Centre06/16/17
Cannot Connect To Server
TTC was working well all day until I updated to this latest version. Now it will not connect and shuts down. I deleted the TTC addon folder as well as the lua file in the Saved Variables folder and downloaded and installed the previous version. Still no go. Same results. Deleted TTC addon again as well as the new Lua file in the...
File: ESO Graphics Extender06/15/17
Re: Effects only when menu is open
No matter what I do, the effects only take place when the menu is open (Shift+F2). As soon as I leave the menu (Shift+F2 again), the effects are disabled, not matter if I press the enable/disable button (which is scroll lock) in my case. Hello, did you edit the paths for the shaders and textures under settings? And then click on...
File: ESO Graphics Extender06/15/17
It Works For A While Then ESO Crashes
Installed it as per instructions except my install is the long Steam path. Copied the files to the Client folder and started with the 64 bit addon launcher. For some reason the addon launcher always starts the PTS version of the game and tries to login automatically even though all the addon files are in the Live version folder and...
File: HarvestMap03/04/17
Re: Cannot Upload Lua Files....files too large?
Was working great until today when I tried to upload the latest files. Now it won't let me upload because the site file limit is 20 mb and my total lua files are about 57 mb. Thanks for your great addon! Figured it out. ESO NA PC server crashed today. After ZOS fixed it all my addon's had to be setup again. None of the Ha...
File: HarvestMap03/04/17
Cannot Upload Lua Files....files too large?
Was working great until today when I tried to upload the latest files. Now it won't let me upload because the site file limit is 20 mb and my total lua files are about 57 mb. Thanks for your great addon!
File: Teso-Delve02/14/17
Upload Fails Even With Latest Version
Hello, I've tried the latest version 1.06 and the previous version. Both fail to upload. I noticed in the latest version that the amount of items per character that are exported is double what it was in previous versions. I.E. use to export 380 items, now it exports 760 items. Love this addon! Looking forward to it working ag...