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File: World Event Alert (aka Dragon Alert)07/23/21
World Event Alert Chat Output - BUG
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hey there! Chat messages can now be toggled on with /worldevents chat. This is toggled on by default. It is spamming Chat with data which is useless to me, personally. I know that the feature was requested, but you should document this Chat command toggle on the Addon Info tab for World Event Alert -- and leave it OFF by default....
File: LibHistoire - Guild History07/21/21
(Reply to sharlikran)
Posted By: Shadowshire
@Shadowshire Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the author so that after he reads everything if he could clarify anything, he can do so in a future version. .... .... Don't consider LibHistoire to be lacking functionality. The game itself must have the sales (know as Events) loaded into memory before they...
File: Endeavor Tracker07/21/21
Re: Update
Posted By: Shadowshire
Heya all, The latest version includes several features that were requested earlier today, including: - Collapsible daily and weekly endeavor lists, so you can hide the ones you have already completed. - An option to hide the coin icon, for those who prefer a clean UI. - Additional customization options. - Some major fixes so that en...
File: LibHistoire - Guild History07/20/21
Please clarify the Logout Notification
Posted By: Shadowshire
The following dialog message is displayed almost every time when I log-out of the first character which I have chosen to play: LibHistoire has not linked your history yet! If you close the game now, you will lose any progress and have to start over the next time. (1) What does the message signify by close the game now? The co...
File: Master Merchant 3.007/11/21
ZOS/Bethesda & MM Performance Issue(s)
Posted By: Shadowshire
The performance issues with LibHistorie and Master Merchant, collectively, have become untenable. First of all, I have read the online documentation three times so far. There are NO explicit instructions as to how to use Master Merchant since LibHistorie was introduced. They need to be added to the beginning of the documentation, s...
File: pChat06/23/21
pChat Saved Variable Changes
Posted By: Shadowshire
## v10.0.2.0 ## 2021-06-19 -Changed the SavedVariables to Server dependent ones: Means NA and EU server will save different settings and histories now. Your current "non-server dependent" settings will be automatically copied to the server you login (NA, EU, PTS). On-screen and chat messages, as well as LibDebugLogger messages (in...
File: HarvestMap-Data06/20/21
HavestMap-Data version numbers
Posted By: Shadowshire
Update (2021-06-20): Uploading/Downloading pin location data should work again. Why is the download file for the prior version of HarvestMap-Data named HarvestMap-Data 2 and the download file for the current version named HarvestMap-Data 3?? The respective version numbers shown on the Addon Info tabs (a) were 3.15.1 for ...-Data 2,...
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker06/15/21
Re: Major update!
Posted By: Shadowshire
According to the record of files stored on my computer's HDD, Srendarr version 2.4.55 was downloaded and installed on 06/07/2021. For whatever reason, there is no mention of it in the list on the "Other Files" tab. When I downloaded the currently available file, I named it as version 2.4.55a on 06/13/2021. (That is its upload date ac...
File: pChat06/07/21
pChat baertram
Posted By: Shadowshire
Please backup your SavedVariables regularly. Logout of the game before doing this! pChat will update and support server dependent settings + histories! The SavedVariables backup reminder will remind you once a week and after APIversion changes, and can be disabled in the Backup settings submenu. The message which was displayed, whe...
File: Toogle Error UI05/31/21
Re: Re: Doesn't stop all error messages ....
Posted By: Shadowshire
d() debug messages are added manually by addons and output to the system chat channel, where as error messages by lua are shown in a popup in the vanilla UI and got nothing to do with d() or any chat related messages at all. Frankly, I do not know which error messages that this addon will prevent from being shown. However, it does n...
File: Furniture Preview modified by Teva05/29/21
Posted By: Shadowshire
Known "Issues": .... Addons such as "No, thank you!" which alter the behavior of cameras may interfere with this addon's ability to function. If cameras do not perform in a standard manner they cannot be used by this addon to show a preview. .... From the very beginning, the ESO game client had a feature that soon became a curse....
File: Daily Alchemy05/25/21
version 1.14.17 UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
After the most recent update, I noticed the following line being ouput to Chat when I used Daily Alchemy: Daily Alchemy: Essence of Magicka = 1 Note: there is a graphic symbol before the word "Essence" that I cannot capture in a text file. When I use ESC > Settings > Addons > Daily Alchemy, the following UI Error is displayed wit...
File: Speedometer05/21/21
Re: Re: error
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hello, here's another continuous trigger... bad argument #2 to 'string.format' (integer expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'string.format' user:/AddOns/Speedometer/Speedometer.lua:468: in function 'Speedometer.Calculate' user:/AddOns/Speedometer/Speedometer.lua:406: in function 'Speedometer.UpdateData' Kindly, Autu...
File: XP Tracker05/18/21
Re: May 19 2021 - Updated to v1.1
Posted By: Shadowshire
Haven't checked where I should put the changelogs so I'll just put it here for now. Sorry admins!!! :o Applied fixes to two possible reasons of INF showing.* Added Localization. Added Font Size, Font Face, Font Weight Options. Each line of text can now be moved individually anywhere within the screen. First kill past one minute from...
File: LibAlianym04/25/21
Which add-ons are yours?
Posted By: Shadowshire
Frankly, I use enough add-ons that I do not know the name of each and every developer. I know who develops the ones which have been around the longest, and contributed the most to my own play of the game, during the six-plus years that I've been playing TESO. So, I have no idea as to whether any add-on which I have currently instal...
File: Master Merchant 3.004/23/21
MM is not sending messages to Zone chat channel
Posted By: Shadowshire
On the Master Merchant change log, there are the following statements for version 3.5.24: - Added toggle to hide two initialization summaries. Default is set to hide. NOTE: Because MM will not show sales in the MM window, add pricing to the inventory, allow exporting, or record any sales data from LibHistoire until it is fully i...
File: Speedometer04/22/21
Re: Re: Re: Re: The movement speed cap
Posted By: Shadowshire
Although I do not have one (yet), I am aware of the Mythic ring acquired from Antiquities. Its description in the Patch Notes, and on the tool-tip (if I recall correctly), state that it buffs "movement speed" by 45%. Whether that applies to both moving on foot and riding a mount depends upon how its buff is actually implemented in th...
File: Speedometer04/20/21
Re: Re: The movement speed cap
Posted By: Shadowshire
the cap isnt m/s its something like 200% based on buffs and skills, the proof is in this mod, youll see when you hit it and nothing helps you go faster... its the speeds on my first screenshot, goto alikr desert to make sure theres not a zone difference in results and try to beat it just sprinting, use rapids and everything. I have t...
File: Speedometer04/19/21
The movement speed cap
Posted By: Shadowshire
First: please implement a key-bind option so that we can display the Speedometer when we want and toggle it "off" when we don't need to see it. Second: for what it's worth, I've had an abiding interest in how fast a player-character can move since I began playing TESO in January 2015. I have read all of the posts, and your replies,...
File: HarvestMap-Data04/18/21
Re: No Add-on is installed
Posted By: Shadowshire
Note: as you suggested, I edited the batch file to begin with the line cd %~dp0. Now the script locates the Harvest Map data files and proceeds to upload any fresh data from my characters, then downloads the current files of merged data to replace any that are already present. Instead, the player must run one of the "script" fil...
File: HarvestMap-Data04/17/21
Re: No Add-on is installed
Posted By: Shadowshire
The error message should be saying Make sure the Addon and this script are installed in \Elder Scrolls Online\live\Addons\HarvestMapData It was probably just a typo in your post, but if it wasn't, then you are running some other script. It was not a typo. I have checked, and double-checked. The line in the batch file is: Make sur...
File: HarvestMap-Data04/14/21
No add-on is installed!
Posted By: Shadowshire
First of all, I did not experience a problem while downloading and updating the data which the add-on Harvest Map uses -- until you changed something and created Harvest Map Data. Now, after I extract and copy the folder HarvestMapData to the TESO Add-ons folder, as far as I can determine, there is no add-on in the folder. There is...
File: ESO Master Recipe List04/11/21
M.R.L. Control Bar Shown On Crafting Station UI
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... I also fixed a cosmetic glitch that was causing the new quest panel not to display progress updates while auto-crafting of writs is on. Just in case people don't know, the setting to enable MRL to auto-craft provisioning writs for you (like Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter does for other crafts) is here: https://i.imgur.com/kLViTQL...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated03/25/21
Advanced Filters Broken Since Patch 03/22/2021
Posted By: Shadowshire
The Bags and Bank inventory displays are better without Advanced Filters loaded, insofar as they display subfilters which are not shown when Advanced Filters is loaded (!). Disabling Craft Bag Extended and reloading the UI while Advanced Filters is enabled has no effect. Curiously, when I replicate the steps in your note #4 about...
File: Instant Swap03/25/21
nice idea but i tried it and it jus...
Posted By: Shadowshire
nice idea but i tried it and it just disabled my bar swapping :) maybe conflict with another addon ? That is certainly weird, since all this addon does is set the "hotbarSwapAnimation" to nil. It does not interact with the action bar in any other way. Which addons are you using? For your information: the only other addon of which I...