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File: Advanced Filters - Quality filter plugin12/19/20
Would prefer if it didn't sort by Default
Posted By: surferotter
Every time I go to sell recent loot, it automatically sorts everything by Quality and I end up having to go searching for everything individually.
File: Alchemy Unknown12/13/20
Dragon's Bile
Posted By: surferotter
You have the wrong Icons for Dragon's Bile. You have 2 Invisibility and a Detection when it should be Heroism (Uplifting Hands), Invisible (Dark Eye) Vulnerability (Dark Lightning) and Vitality (White Star). I ended up wasting ingredients trying to reveal the unknowns.
File: DarkUI11/13/20
The sell Tab keep bugging out makin...
Posted By: surferotter
The sell Tab keep bugging out making me have to /reloadui everytime I do writs to sell the ornate things.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter10/31/20
http://imgur.com/a/kPwOGrp I'm s...
Posted By: surferotter
http://imgur.com/a/kPwOGrp I'm seeing a similar bug. Except mine is incorrectly showing 'Special' Candy instead of Ancestor Silk or Rubedite. Same here.