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File: FlatUI11/28/23
I just posted yesterday about such...
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I just posted yesterday about such a request in the forums and tada! This morning I find this! Does it replace every progress bar? Yes.
File: Bandits User Interface11/15/23
Heyo! Any chance to add the possibi...
Posted By: DakJaniels
Heyo! Any chance to add the possibility to move the endless archive frame? I don't see it in the frame management section... I will check it out We added this in LUIE recently, the thing you want to be able to move around is ZO_EndDunHUDTrackerContainer. Don't ask how long we spend working out how to anchor it, lol
File: CraftStore Endless Archive11/12/23
Re: Update 40 and PerfectPixel
Posted By: DakJaniels
Hey everyone, I created a patch containing the missing furnishing recipes which will probably be released in the next days. I couldn‘t find a quick solution for the issues in combination with PerfectPixel yet. PP does a bunch of magic around the vanilla controls and the way CS Cook jumps back into the vanilla UI for filleting i...
File: Postmaster Mail11/04/23
Feature/workaround request: Add a s...
Posted By: DakJaniels
Feature/workaround request: Add a small delay to auto mail return. Use case: When mail is automatically returned, it happens too fast, and the game UI gets "stuck" - the mail notification does not decrease when the mails leave the inbox. Example: I've sent my other account 10 mails with RTS in the subject. When I open mail, al...
File: GodSend: Slower Delay Version11/01/23
Re: Re: FYI - still flagged
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a maybe easier solution would be too cross reference the @names before you send the mails, so you aren't spamming people with multiple mails in the first place.
File: Lui Extended10/30/23
Re: Latest version (today) has broken launder message
Posted By: DakJaniels
No matter what I launder, I get message "You launder h for Gold" or "You launder hx17 for Gold" I'll see if ArtOfShred can push the fix. I have it fixed already on GitHub
File: Witches Festival10/28/23
Re: Reset Times
Posted By: DakJaniels
I've been on the latest version since it was released, but I'm still having reset time issues. Does anyone know when the real cooldown and/or reset time is for PC-NA? My whole bar turned red a couple hours ago I think, but killing a world boss and even completing a delve dropped the regular Plunder Skull just now Any insight wo...
File: Lui Extended10/24/23
Re: Re: Re: Latest version bug
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Here is the bug of latest version This issue is covered in the Known Issues section above. Do a reinstall and should be fixed. Hello, I'm getting a few UI errors since the last update: With login: user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/modules/SpellCastBuffs/SpellCastBuffs.lua:1126: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user...
File: Lui Extended10/19/23
Re: 6.6 ultimate tracking missing back bar
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Hello, For me, since 6.6, the ultimate tracking text only display infos for the front bar ultimate: switching bar has no effect on the text (values and percentage). thanks for your work ! Working correctly now. We will try to get another update out soon :)
File: pChat (Chat customization & help: look/notification/sound/automation/history)10/15/23
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Is the git version stable enough to upload to esoui? Did you forget 😅
File: CrutchAlerts10/05/23
Re: Re: need support
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For recall, for now you can either turn off all self begin casts in the options, or if it's only certain abilities you want to block, you can turn on the debug options, find the IDs, and add them to the blacklist in src/data.lua this is all of them probably... -- Uh all the recalls?? = true, --"Recall" = true, --"...
File: Character Knowledge (Motif, Recipe and Furnishing Plan Tracker)10/04/23
Any chance you would consider the t...
Posted By: DakJaniels
Any chance you would consider the tooltips also being compatible with controller UI? I don't own a controller, have never used controller mode, and consequently don't know anything about how the UI works in that mode. You can force the ui to use Gamepad mode. Mouse and keyboard still work too.
File: Lui Extended10/04/23
Re: Re: look what i got working @Saenic
Posted By: DakJaniels The glory days are back. :banana: Man I can't believe this was an issue with DrawTier & DrawLevel. I messed around for so long trying to figure out what the issue was. Hats off to you for fixing it! Makes me so happy you have no idea....
File: Action Duration Reminder10/03/23
error with stacks. dk flames of oblivion
Posted By: DakJaniels
user:/AddOns/ActionDurationReminder/src/Core.lua:741: attempt to index a nil value |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/ActionDurationReminder/src/Core.lua:741: in function '(anonymous)' |caaaaaa eventCode = 131157, changeType = 2, effectSlot = 514, effectName = "Flames of Oblivion", unitTag = "player", beginTimeSec = 0, endTim...
File: Map Pins10/03/23
Re: Cyrodiil filters are not showing properly
Posted By: DakJaniels
This issue has persisted for sometime now. Map filters show normally in other zones except in Cyrodiil. Filters collapse on top of each other. Here is image of the issue: Think I might have a solution. This is with PerfectPixel enabled.
File: Tamriel Trade Centre10/03/23
Posted By: DakJaniels
I noticed TTC is using these functions and though I should mention that the game does have its own Bit functions. If you can't use them, at least make the functions local as ZOS does use BitAnd in their code. function BitAnd(a, b) local result = 0 local bitval = 1 while a > 0 and b > 0 do if a % 2 == 1 and b...
File: Lui Extended09/25/23
Re: Re: look what i got working @Saenic
Posted By: DakJaniels The glory days are back. :banana:Thanks for your Pull Request. I created a new version with your changes. I tried it and some abilities do not show up (e.g. Templars Concentrated Focus). Some abilities like Wall of Fire do show up but not when you switch bars. So I left the...
File: Lui Extended09/21/23
look what i got working @Saenic
Posted By: DakJaniels The glory days are back. :banana:
File: Kyzderp's Derps09/12/23
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File: MailArchive09/03/23
if anyone runs into this error with Postmaster installed...
Posted By: DakJaniels
{ "1": 1693733582741, "2": "2023-09-03 04:33:02.741 -0500", "3": 1, "4": "E", "5": "UI", "6": "Checking type on argument aText failed in LabelControlSetTextLua", "7": { "1": "stack traceback:\n: in function 'SetText'\n/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:973: in function 'ZO...
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin [Masteroshi430's branch]08/31/23
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Minimap just displays blank canvas
Posted By: DakJaniels
I had been thinking it was a main game bug, but wasn't sure. The main map was doing the exact same thing, just showing a blank 'page' texture. It seems to, I just finished my daily quests in clockwork city, and transported to summerset to start doing regular quests there and the mini-map (and main map, since I also got this sam...
File: AchievementInfo08/29/23
You are missing a S in your bracket style.
Posted By: DakJaniels
Line 52 in AchievementInfoApplication.lua from local link = GetAchievementLink(achId, LINK_STYLE_BRACKET) to local link = GetAchievementLink(achId, LINK_STYLE_BRACKETS) :banana:
File: PerfectPixel08/23/23
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user:/AddOns/PerfectPixel/scenes/craftStationScenes.lua:416: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/PerfectPixel/scenes/craftStationScenes.lua:416: in function 'resultTooltip:SetProvisionerResultItem' user:/AddOns/CookeryWiz/CookeryWiz.lua:1784: in function 'CookeryWiz:OnSetProvisionerResultItem' user:/AddOns/...
File: Votan's Fisherman08/21/23
Re: Recovering nodes after install of ESO on new PC
Posted By: DakJaniels
I used this add-on for years and accumulated a ton of nodes on my main map and mini-map. I just got a new PC, downloaded and installed ESO, and installed this add-on. As expected, all my nodes were gone. I tried to get them back by copying the Votan's Fisherman folder from the AddOns folder of my old PC to the AddOns folder of m...
File: Sanity's Edge Helper08/13/23
leaking globals
Posted By: DakJaniels
in the the files below you might want to change the variables to locals SanitysEdgeHelperMenu.lua + 202 LAM boss/Yaseyla.lua + 97 currentTargetHP + 97 effmaxTargetHP + 97 maxTargetHP boss/Ansuul.lua + 232 _