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File: Votan's Housing Filter08/24/21
Walking Flame Update?
Posted By: attriel
So, I was putting stuff into our auction house today and discovered i can no longer click the "inventory only" button ... Did they change something or have I managed to get a conflicting plugin (after they changed something)
File: Color Blind Mode03/23/21
Re: Custom Quality Colors
Posted By: attriel
Have you tried Custom Quality Colors? I am red-green colorblind, but have problems distinguishing green from any other color. Usually it appears to me as red, orange, or yellow. :) I haven't tried that one, no, but in other games I've changed colors of things...
File: Guild Colors03/09/21
Just thought to point out it is mor...
Posted By: attriel
Just thought to point out it is more normal to keep the update history in the "change log" rather than in the addon description :) On the page you use to publish an update the Change Log is one of the tabs with the description edit panel. Thanks hey i missed that, thanks!
File: ESO Master Recipe List01/15/21
Reset Tracking
Posted By: attriel
So I ended up with random swaths of recipes and plans tracked and I wanna turn them off without finding them all individually. Short of a full reset of the data, is there an option for this? I tried cracking open the saved variables but I'm not sure what the 0/1/2/3 numbers mean offhand so I was hesitant to change them (I mean if...