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File: Slightly Improvedô Gameplay03/03/20
Please update
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This is one of my favorite addons and would like it to work with the latest version. Thanks much
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker06/03/18
Open file /core/QuestTracker.lua an...
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Open file /core/QuestTracker.lua and put into the first line: QUEST_TRACKER = QUEST_TRACKER or ASSISTED_QUEST_TRACKER or FOCUSED_QUEST_TRACKER Fixes some of the errors for me and I'm able to use it again for now :p Awesome. Worked perfectly for me. Thanks so much. Took away a lot of my errors.
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker09/18/17
Very good
Posted By: fiskin1
Thanks for updating this to Horns of the Reach. I use your mod a lot and I am glad you had the time to update it. Thanks again.
File: StopIt!01/17/17
Cool addon. Gonna try it today. T...
Posted By: fiskin1
Cool addon. Gonna try it today. Thanks for making this. Its kind of annoying that ur toon does that when i want to access certain things on the UI.
File: Destinations01/07/17
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This addon works as intended for me. Thanks for it. It is amazing. Looking forward to updates.
File: Enchant Maker01/06/17
As was noted earlier, the addon is...
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As was noted earlier, the addon is not packed into a folder to install into the game. You have to create a new folder inside that one. The addon doesn't work anyways as the game says its out out-of-date. Author needs to update this with the new patch. I got the mod to "work" but search yields no results and none of my runes appea...